• Leaving the EU: Selling a False Prospectus.


    Above, George Magnus, an independent economist and commentator, an Associate at the China Centre, Oxford University, and an adviser to some asset management companies.

    In his blog, Mr George Magnus is of the opinion that the British People should vote “Remain” and not “Leave” in the upcoming referdedum.

    Readers will not be one least but surprised to read that your Editor disagrees! To a point.

    The point being that Mr Magnus is indeed correct in claiming that the unfortunate Cummings is selling a false prospectus.

    The answer to the problem however is clear: Instead of selling a false prospectus, sell a genuine one instead!

    This if course is Flexcit authored by Dr. Richard North and others.

    This organ is clear why the British People should vote to Leave the EU.

    The Reason: The European Communities Act 1972 is unconstitutional as it breaches the Declaration of Rights 1688 ratified into law by the Bill of Rights 1689, causes Her Majesty the Queen to be put in breach of her Coronation Oath of June 1953 to govern us according to our laws and customs and not those of a foreign prince, potentate or power and also those Privy Councillors who facilitate such foreign entity having such precedence are therefore in breach of their oaths of office.

    For Mr Magnus’s blog post, GOTO: http://www.georgemagnus.com/we-should-vote-remain-leave-is-selling-a-false-prospectus/

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