• Another day, another own goal! By the man on the right!


    Is the Editor of this organ alone in thinking they have somehow slipped into a weird alternative reality?

    I remember once listening to a remarkably imaginative tale on the BBC Radio 4 some years back. It was a report of a couple of holidaymakers in France. They got lost, found an old inn and stayed there. The couple spoke French and found that the occupants of the inn spoke in a curious archaic way. Furthermore, there was no electricity. They had difficulty paying for their food and drink. They stayed overnight and the next day they set off. They later tried to return to the in but could not find the road that led to the inn. The suggestion was that they “time-slipped” into the past by 100 years! Presumably they were cycling. Can you imagine the reaction of people in 1916 if one turned up in a brand new Ford? We must assume the couple must have had an over active imagination.

    It seems an over active imagination is something possessed by the Unfortunate George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Member for Tatton. The Unfortunate Osborne is clearly also possessed of another quality; persistence. Now persistence is a laudable quality, but one has to know when to stop and pursue another course!

    However, the Unfortunate Osborne – presumably with the phrase, “Persistence pays off!” fixed firmly in his mind – shows no sign of changing course from the economic doom-mongering he is engaged upon! Not only that, bit in an attempt to make it effective he is ratcheting up the rhetoric and the direness of the consequences [of leaving the EU] with each prediction!

    His latest doom-saying has now reached new heights (Should that be depths? Ed.) of lunancy! The BBC – for once truly living up to the title, “Bullshit Broadcasting Commissariat” – has a report below;
    GOTO: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36534192
    For once, Vote Leave’s criticism that the Unfortunate Osborne’s latest offerings are “hysterical prophecies of doom” are not hyperbole!

    In fact, the Unfortunate Osborne’s ramblings have reached such a level that the senior Labour politician Ms Yvette Cooper – aka Mrs Ed Balls – has stepped in!

    Now, unlike the Unfortunate Osborne, Mrs Balls is a very able politician who can make a sensible decision as to when to stop pursuing a course of action. Mrs Balls, the Member for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, is a very clever lady. She read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford, and graduated with a first-class honours degree. She married Mr Ed Balls on 10th January 1998.

    This clever lady is clearly fully aware of the potential consequences of the Unfortunate Osborne’s actions. She is also aware that the Remain camp is failing to pick up votes from traditional Labour voters because of those good folks concerns over the issue of immigration. As her parliamentary colleague, Frank Field the Member for Birkenhead has pointed out, it is the poor, the vulnerable and the low paid in society who suffer the hardships of the present EU policy of the “Free Movement of People”. This policy, whilst brilliant for the Tory voters of Epsom – au pairs and cleaners have NEVER – in recent times – been so relatively cheap to employ and in such plentiful supply – has hurt these traditional Labour voters HARD.
    As a result the Remain camp are not attracting their votes!
    Faced with this, the Unfortunate Osborne’s answer is to threaten these poor hard pressed folk with a savage new round of public spending!
    Last night, upon hearing report’s of the Unfortunate Osborne’s plans, Mrs Balls decided to do something most unusual for a senior Labour politician. Give some honest, well meaning advice to a Conservative politician!

    Seeing the disastrous (for the Remain camp!) course being pursued by the Unfortunate Osborne, Mrs Balls suggested that he and she should change course and start focusing on the concerns of working class voters – immigration!
    Of course, concerning himself with the concerns of the working class is something rather foreign to the Unfortunate Osborne!
    Happily (for the Leave campaign) the Unfortunate Osborne has ignored this sensible advice!

    Of course, the threat of slashing the NHS budget by £15 billion and increasing income tax by the same will cause some gullible persons to vote Remain! Hopefully however a great many people will realise that the Unfortunate Osborne’s claims are patent scaremongering.

    Certainly their concerns should be allayed by strenuous representations by other Tory MPs that the Unfortunate Osborne will find any such proposals opposed by them! Traditional Labour voters will also be fully aware that if it is found that the nation has voted for Brexit in “the wee small hours” of Midsummer’s Day morning then the Chameleon will have resigned as Tory leader by Noon!

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