• Mrs Cox’s assassination. The fallout appears to be starting.

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    Campaigning by both sides has been suspended for the time being. This however will not mean this organ will cease articulating and commenting upon developments.

    It is to be noted that yesterday’s article on Mrs Cox has received at just past midnight on Friday two comments that allude to the possible consequences for the Leave campaign.

    The article below in USA Today makes interesting reading. It includes this telling paragraph:

    The British pound and euro rallied after news of Cox’s murder, a sign that financial markets are betting that “her death will convince more of Britain’s voters to stick with Europe,” wrote financial analyst James MacIntosh. “It looks as though the collective wisdom of the market is that Ms. Cox’s death will play a significant role in the campaign.”
    GOTO: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/06/16/jo-cox-murder-brexit/85991154/

    • If that is the case then their attitude is beyond shameful that such a tragedy will be used in their propaganda to get the result they want.

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