• Farting in elevators/lifts.

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    Above, what our American readers call an elevator and what our British readers call a lift.

    When experienced, all will agree that today’s title is a most unpleasant thing! There is an urge to remove oneself immediately from the surroundings! Failing that one breathes as little as possible!

    In yesterday’s article (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/06/17/keep-calm-and-turn-the-other-cheek/) the British Gazette outlined the strategy it believed those in the Leave campaign should adopt in the wake of assassination of Mrs Cox. Two commentators, “Terry” and “Jack Ketch” on our article reporting upon the assassination of Mrs Cox drew our attention to the fact that certain members of the Remain campaign were beginning to make linkage and exploit the assassination of Mrs Cox for their own ends.

    Since it’s establishment on Wednesday 21st October 2009, the British Gazette’s circulation has steadily grown – despite numerous attempts by nefarious parties to hobble this. It is now widely read amongst the Euro Realist community.
    Fortunately (for the Leave campaign), it appears that the advice the Good Lord gave us in Matthew 5 has been heeded so far.
    To put it at it’s most crude: If someone farts in an elevator/lift and can be identified, the last thing you should do is to fart in retaliation!

    The result of the Leave side turning the other cheek has been that the actions of such as Ms Toynbee have backfired! Evidence of this can be found in the comments of Rachel Reeves the Member of Parliament for Leeds West and a colleague of the late Mrs Cox.

    Ms Reeves is an enthusiastic supporter of the UK’s EU membership and is no friend of Mr Farage. Ms Reeves like her late colleague is a very clever lady having read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at New College, Oxford (MA), followed by graduating as MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics. Ms Reeves went on to work as an economist at the Bank of England and British Embassy in Washington, D.C. between 2000 and 2006. Realising the deep hole Ms Toynbee was digging herself and the Remain campaign into, Ms Reeves decided do some damage limitation by stating on BBC Radio 4′ “Today” programme:
    “……But, I don’t think that’s linked to what happened yesterday. We don’t know what the motives were of the guy who attacked her. I don’t think we should link the referendum to Jo’s death.”
    Today’s Daily Mail reports what our commentators Terry and Jack ketch reported; that within hours of Mrs Cox’s assassination, pro Remain supporters were attempting to exploit this outrage for their own partisan ends.

    Having taken the Good Lord’s advice, those in the Leave campaign are seeing the results. Something that now appears to be quite familiar in the strangest of strange elections. Yes Dear Reader, you guessed! More “own goals!”

    For information and historical record we give below a list of the scorer and their own goal.

    1. Ms Toynbee – whose comments have already been reported and need no repetition.

    2. Mr Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian: “We dont yet know what was in the mind of the man who killed Jo Cox. Latest reports suggest the suspect in the case had links to a neo-Nazi, white supremacist group in the US. But even if we cannot locate a specific cause in the nation’s political debate and claim this murder as it’s direct effect, we can say this: that if you inject enough poison into the political bloodstream, eventually somebody will get sick.”
    3. Neil Coyle, the Member for Bermondsey & Old Southwark: “I think that the kind of nonsense that they inspire online from anonymous accounts and actually the core constituent of the poster [UKIP] launched today, look at what they are putting out and I just think that they are a very dangerous, and they risk inspiring extremist elements in the hard right in this country.”

    4. Alex Massie, a Scottish freelance journalist commentator based in Edinburgh: “When you encourage rage you cannot then feign surprise when people become enraged. You cannot turn around and say, “Mate, you weren’t supposed to take it so seriously. It’s just a game, just a ploy, a strategy for winning votes.”

    5. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: “The exaggerations and radicalisation on part of the language do not help foster an atmosphere of respect. That’s why we all value democratic game rules. And we know how important it is to draw limits in the choice of speech and in the choice of argument. Otherwise the radicalisation will become unstoppable.”
    British Gazette comment on Frau Merkel’s statement: The one thing we hope will become unstoppable is the process whereby the formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland once again becomes a sovereign independent state!

    • When Mair was arraigned before London magistrates this morning he gave his name as “Death to Traitors and Freedom for Britain.” So much for not knowing what motivates him and so much for the Editor’s dewy eyed optimism that somehow, to use the Editor’s own hyperbole, the Leave campaign has a better chance of winning this referendum that the long term survival chances of a snowball in Hell’s hottest furnace.

      What Mair said this morning in Westminster magistrates court, together with the case is being dealt with by the Crown Prosecution Service’s Special Crimes Counter Terrorism Division that has been transferred to London because of its “special nature”, together with a further bail hearing at the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey, on Monday, and the spotless character of his victim together with her being a pretty young mum means that the Leave campaign is as Americans would say, “toast!”.

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