• The poison chalice.

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    Blazon: Per pale gules and azure a chalice proper, or. This is the heraldic description of the above image. The French words “gules” and “azure” relate to the two colours or tinctures of the field (background). Per pale is the field or background divided vertically. The phrase “chalice proper” describes what is known as a “charge” – a heraldic symbol. Or is the colour gold, traditionally displayed as yellow – as they did not have metallic paints in the middle ages! Please disregard the green – the image is a work in progress and will be completed at the Editor’s leisure – but I think Dear Reader you get the gist. The word “Blazon” is used instead of the English word “description”. The reason why French is still used in English (and Scottish) heraldry is because the whole thing started after the Norman conquest and at that time, England’s rulers spoke French.
    Of course, since the country is now ruled from Brussels – they still do!
    The above coat (or achievement) of arms best describe which ever side wins the EU Referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

    One of probably the few – and the only one known to your Editor – positive contributions made by the late and unlamented Ayatollah Khomeini was describing the peace deal which ended the Iran-Iraq war but which left the late and also unlamented Saddam Hussein in post as Despot of Iraq as “drinking hemlock!”

    Whoever is Prime Minister of the country in July will doubtless recall the late cleric’s words ruefully for the situation – win or loose – they will have before them will not be a happy one!

    Many British Gazette readers have NOT been happy with this organ’s editorial line thorough this referendum campaign. We have openly espoused as an exit strategy Flexcit proposed by the excellent and learned Doctor Richard North. Flexcit provided what the political class now like to describe as a “roadmap” from where the UK is now, a member of the EU, inside the single market but outside the eurozone to where we should be – outside the EU – so Her Majesty the Queen is no longer in breach of her Coronation Oath to govern us according to OUR laws and customs as not those of the EU!

    Early on in this campaign Vote Leave took a different view to the British Gazette and Doctor North. They decided that the way to win was to concentrate on the issue of immigration and unchecked EU immigration in particular. This was based on UKIP’s canvas returns in Labour’s heartlands which showed beyond doubt that the white working class voters were furious as the results of this policy had served to depress their wages, make jobs harder to find and placed a strain on the education and social services they used and for good measure, caused the housing situation to become worse!

    So bad had the situation become that UKIP and Vote Leave strategists concluded that this could well lead to huge numbers of “tribal” Labour voters deserting Labour in the referendum secure in the knowledge that the vote was a referendum on the EU and not a General Election.
    Everything seemed to be going according to plan until the morning of Thursday 16th June 2016 when a certain T Mair decided to become involved.
    IF (as the British Gazette thinks is more likely) the Leave campaign loose they they will have been spared one thing: of being put into a position where they could not deliver what they had promised – in an acceptable time. This is because the ONLY practical way to leave the EU is via the procedure outlined in length and great detail by Doctor North. There is possibility that this could lead to some form of check on EU migration but the country would still be in the Single Market. Any wish to leave the EEA and single market to the position known as WTO default would take some time after the new status quo had been established.

    The lack of an exit strategy would if by some miracle the Leave campaign actually won, likely result in a crash in the value of Sterling on Midsummer’s Day, along with a crash in the value of the FTSE 100. This misery would likely be be compounded by the international credit ratings slashing the UK’s credit rating resulting in a steep rise in debt servicing costs!
    Those such as Mr Farron would have a very great problem: Of concealing their glee!
    Messrs. Johnson and Gove would have to endure the suffering in this particular vale of tears amidst the schadenfreude of their erstwhile colleagues luxuriating on the back benches!

    Of course the picture for the Chameleon and his Europhile fellow travellers is hardly the less rosy!

    If as this organ expects the Remain side win it is likely to be by the most wafer thin of margins. So much so that the inevitable huge Remain vote in Batley and Spen will demonstrate that the person who had had most influence in the referendum was Mair. It will immediately become obvious in the UK and across the EU and the rest of the world that one man – allegedly – wielding a knife and a gun determined the fate of a nation and also a continent.

    There are those on the Remain side who aware of this, believe that the assassination of Mrs Cox will soon fade from the public memory and her awful assassination will be merely one awful event to be recorded in the history books. This ONLY applies if the Leave side wins!
    IF the Remain side wins and the majority is very slender to the extent that “solidarity vote” was the determiner, then the consequences for British politics is profound.
    The first crisis will come when the Chameleon (he will likely be still in office) will find not all of the concessions in his so called “binding agreement” will be delivered. This will not be due to any backsliding from such as Mr Tusk or Frau Merkel. Both will be desperate to see that the pitiful concessions handed to the Chameleon are delivered in full. When they aren’t and the Chameleon will have to stand up in the Commons and wax lyrical about the importance of the few concessions that were delivered still amounts to something more than what the Americans like to call “diddly-squat” the outrage on the Tory back benches will be …. the inverse of diddly-squat!

    It could possibly lead to a mass defection of Euro sceptic Tory MPs to UKIP. This would likely be followed not by a number of by elections but by a motion of no confidence in HMG. In such circumstances, with the exception of the Ulster unionists – the Labour party, the SNP and the other parties would feel compelled to support it and we will have a General Election.

    It is likely because of the fact that it will be fought on the FPP, UKIP will gain a huge popular vote and few if any MPs. The result could be a minority Labour government subject to day to day support on a confidence and supply basis by the SNP.
    Public support for British politics will drop to dangerously low levels.
    The tragedy of the situation is that by adopting the politically correct stance of not controlling immigration the Labour Party is failing to represent the people it was originally set up to represent.

    The FACT is that businesses and well to do middle class people find the present situation highly rewarding. Employers have no need to invest time money and resources in training staff. They can simply pick the best from the huge pool of talented labour in eastern Europe. Likewise the wives of city traders living in Surrey have a plentiful supply of au-pairs, cleaners, dog walkers and gardeners!
    And precisely who do we have cheer-leading this?
    Why none other than that veteran Man of The Left: Comrade Corbyn!

    • Your feeling that all is now lost is understandable but I still hope and pray Leave will just make it in the end.
      Full page article in the Daily Mail (Mailonline) has an article by Jonathan Aitkin telling us Kent, his former stomping ground as an MP, will give the biggest vote for Leave in the country.
      The Eastern Daily Press of yesterday, has a poll with the headline, ‘East Anglia looks set to vote Out in the referendum’. The age group 60-74 gives to Leave shows a percentage of 64.5, the people like me, who believed the LIES we were told the last time round.
      What was the song by The Who, ‘We won’t be fooled again’.

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