• An open letter to UKIP members and supporters from Freddy Vachha, UKIP Regional Chairman – London.


    Dear friends,

    First they ignored us, then they ridiculed us, then they attacked us – then we won. While no one knows who first came up with that (it’s often misattributed), it certainly applies to the present situation.

    If anything, we’re beyond that, at the fifth stage – lots of those who formerly ignored, ridiculed or attacked us, now freely “borrow” our policies, pass them off as their own, and even pretend they were with us, in spirit at least, all along!

    Yes, with the help of our allies we have convincingly won the EU Referendum, which would never even have taken place without all our hard work and dedicated persistence.

    And pressure; how many times did Cameron say there wouldn’t ever be a Referendum?

    If not for all the cheating, including the misuse of £9.3 million of taxpayers’ money on an untruthful and one-sided propaganda booklet, and all the machinery of government, civil service, BBC and a largely servile media, not to mention huge international vested interests, how much greater would have been our margin of victory I cannot say.

    Moreover, the former leaders of the Remain Campaign are in disarray, their months of dissembling, distorting, hate- and fear-mongering having truly come home to roost. Cameron gone, Osborne looking very rickety indeed, Corbyn in chaos (even by Labour’s standards thereof), opportunistic Sturgeon exposed, and so on. Also, there’s that dear chap from the Libdems whose name few recall, promising to campaign for Breturn – bless. And threats and diktats from our former EU dictators, including 2 of the EU’s 4 to 7 Presidents (depending how you count them). At the forefront is the furious Juncker (whose resignation is demanded here – sorry, Lubomir, he can’t be fired) with that great admirer of UKIP, Schulz, performing a rear-guard action. The more prudent, for example the bank clerk, seem to have gone on extended vacation, terrified of EU-wide contagion.

    Bookies are already offering odds on which EU victim will be next to try and free itself. Denmark? Sweden? Holland? France? Germany? Even, gulp, Belgium? Once another net contributor to the project goes, the whole political experiment will collapse. We’re much Better Off Out before that happens, for only then will we be in a position to help our unfortunate neighbours when it goes pear-shaped.

    If ever there was a time of vindication of those decades devoted by Nigel and UKIP to doing what’s best for Britain, and for freedom-lovers everywhere, that time is now.

    Remember how we were told ruin would immediately follow a Brexit vote? Instead, financial markets in the UK are already back to where they were a few weeks ago. And it is the ones in Europe that have taken a bashing, since the main financial victim of the EU – the United Kingdom – has wised up. Britannia firmly handed in her notice.

    The sky hasn’t fallen on our heads either. It won’t.


    Like many in UKIP, I really would prefer this to be a time of reflection, healing and – if possible – reconciliation. But some, including a few supposed Leavers, make this hard.

    A prominent Labour MP and Mastermind veteran openly ridicules the decisive mandate of the people (17+ million of whom he implies are mad) and calls for it to be ignored, thereby inciting howling supportive mobs of anti-democrats (no wonder they love the EU…) who are unwilling to accept what the majority decided, out on the streets in support of deeply disturbing, even fascist, aims. Read about it here.

    We observe 3+ million signatures (most of them, it seems, fraudulent) on a notorious petition to make the Referendum a “best of three”.

    The legendary Tony Blair is openly plugging a second referendum.

    There are rumoured plots to drag out exit negotiations, concoct fresh concessions (on which the EU Commission and its mock “parliament” (sic) would, true to form, later renege) and then offer up another referendum. No, no, no. Out is out.

    The media, instead of asking Vote Leave, try to smear Nigel and UKIP for a spending commitment which we never made.

    And so on. We predicted all this.

    Sadly, we hear former Leave campaigners, even allies, trying to silence, sideline or exclude Nigel from the Brexit process – or even break promises that deep cuts in immigration must necessarily result from Brexit.

    Some appear more focussed on jockeying for high political office than on saving Britain.

    If so, shame on them.

    This convinces me that the need for UKIP has never been greater than it is now.

    Never has it been clearer that it’s no longer a question of Left or Right. It is a matter of Right and
    Wrong. The legacy political parties have thoroughly discredited themselves.


    If you have already helped us win, especially early on when we were so few, my words cannot possibly do this justice. But please accept our heartfelt gratitude – thank you.
    Sentiments expressed by Winston Churchill, about another, greater struggle for freedom and democracy, are not wholly without application here:
    “Never … was so much owed by so many to so few.”
    But in the same way that wars are not won by evacuations, exits from interfering, anti-democratic superstates are not won by referendums alone. The People’s Army needs to ensure that Parliament, filled to the brim with a craven political class paid to do homage to Brussels, now honours its pact with the people.

    We in UKIP must: “therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if [Britain] and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour.”

    But in an act likened to lunacy – click here for press comment, the establishment and Boris is freezing Nigel out of the Brexit process. I’ve grave reservations about Boris’s Brexit credentials, based on his heated exchange with me before thousands at the November 2014 People’s Question Time. Perhaps he’s had an epiphany since.

    But if you think Nigel Farage, the principal architect of this historic victory, and a man about whom history’s verdict will be very kind, should be at our Brexit negotiating table (or even lead the process, rather than having Johnny-come-latelies, whose competence and dedication are at best questionable, unintentionally or otherwise making an utter hash of it), then please sign a new online petition (unconnected with UKIP or myself) which is aimed at educating or shaming the Vote Leave hierarchy into doing The Right Thing For Britain.
    Here: https://www.change.org/p/vote-leave-eu-referendum-put-nigel-farage-on-the-cross-party-brexit-negotiation-team
    Onwards and upwards!

    Freddy Vachha
    UKIP Regional Chairman – London

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