• Labour’s leadership crisis: It is not over.


    Above a 24 second YouTube video clip of the Chameleon telling Comrade Corbyn to quit. Herewith a 4 minute 9 second video of the PMQ between the two men:
    Ms Angela Eagle, the Member for Wallasey has put off her leadership bid. It is clear that were Comrade Corbyn to be challenged for the leadership his chances of re-election are high, as this report in the Independent shows:
    We can confidently assume that Angela Eagle and her colleagues in the Parliamentary Labour party have not given up. Instead they are likely lobbying behind the scenes with the trade unions.

    Their pitch is likely to be; Only a Lab-Lib coalition can stop Brexit. They will point out that the Tory government’s majority is not large and that were there to be an opportunity, some Europhile Tories whose love of the EU is greater than their love of the Tory party might be prepared to defeat the government and bring about a general election. They would point out that the decision to make the coalition pact public would depend on the circumstances of the time for keeping it secret might lead an unwary PM into their trap or making it known could encourage Europhile Tories into bring about the collapse of their own government.
    All Brexiteers need to be on their guard. The Remainians have not given up!

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