• Mrs Andrea Leadsom (aka the White Queen?)


    Above, Mrs Andrea Leadsom suitably dressed for the role of the White Queen in Alice in Through the Looking Glass – who’d trained herself so that sometimes she’d managed to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast!

    On the evening of Thursday 30th June, Derek Thomas, the Member for St. Ives and the Isles of Scilly invited UKippers to his constituency office in Penzance for drinks as a thank you for help in securing success in the recent referendum. Derek was somewhat taken aback when your Editor suggested he vote for the Remainian Theresa May (as were some UKippers!) in response to his admission that he was a supporter of Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom.

    In our article of 3rd July (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/07/03/brexit-flexcit-whats-the-difference-it-comes-down-to-hobsons-choice/) we hinted at our preference for Mrs May. It was no more than a hint for we are aware that endorsement from this organ could be the “kiss of death”!

    However, reports emanating from Mrs Leadsom’s performance at yesterday’s 1922 Committee’s hustings meeting suggests that the lady cannot in any way be considered as Prime Minister.

    Her speech was less than a third the length of Mr Gove’s speech – which it turned out was the singular plus point!

    The start was OK with the lady declaring: “The United Kingdom will leave the European Union”.

    Things went down hill very quickly afterwards however. There would be an end to freedom of movement. Parliament “…..will decide how many people enter our country each year to live, work and contribute to our national life…..”

    The lady went on to state that she intended to keep the negotiations “as short as possible” stating that “…..neither we nor our European friends need prolonged uncertainty…” going onto state “….and not everything needs to be negotiated before Article 50 is triggered and the exit process is concluded…….”

    Overall, her performance at the hustings was disastrous. The lady seemed to lack any clear idea – or any idea at all – of precisely the nature of what she would have to deal with. That much became evident to many MPs at the hustings. Some kindly reported that the lady had “stumbled”. The lady had to respond to questions about how much support she was receiving from UKIP! A cabinet minister disclosed that she was asked three times about her backing from UKIP and Leave.EU. This cabinet minister went to to say, “When you’re asked to say you’re not UKIP at a hustings to be leader of the Conservative party, you’re in trouble. It was a car crash”.

    Another MP was even more direct in their criticism declaring that she was a “fucking shambles”, adding: “She babbled on about the importance of the frontal cortex for emotional development, said she’d trigger Article 50 immediately – and then that she wouldn’t”.

    Many British Gazette readers who are farmers will know that the archaic meaning of “shambles” is a slaughterhouse!

    We have come across reports that as junior Treasury minister, Mrs Leadsom attracted the ire of her officials, who declared her, “the worst minister we’ve ever had”. Said one official, “She found it difficult to understand issues or take decisions”, while another said: “She was monomaniacal, seeing the EU as the source of every problem”.
    Herewith a revealing link about Mrs Leadsom’s financial sector experience: http://reaction.life/was-andrea-leadsom-really-such-a-city-hotshot/
    Let us then as an Act of National Service, recapitulate upon the present DIRE situation the UK is in.

    The EU referendum held on the 23rd June the results of which were declared on Midsummer’s Day 24th June 2016, showed that roughly 52% voted in favour of Brexit. This on a 72% turnout. The Leave campaign concentrated on immigration. Many voters voted Brexit as they wanted this situation curbed or stopped. That the proposals outlined at length in Doctor Richard North’s (and others) Flexcit – which involves EFTA and EEA (Single Market) membership and therefore only limited restriction on the “free movement of people” – constitute the ONLY economically acceptable Brexit route!
    The nature of the problem then is clear: it is one of mandate. This is precisely the danger this organ predicted during the referendum campaign!
    Last night on BBC2’s “Newsnight” the arch Europhile, The Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles, PC, MP made it clear than in his opinion the wished expressed by the voters in the referendum had to be enacted. Namely Brexit without membership of the EEA, thus ensuring an end to the “free movement of people”. Mr Pickles knows that the ONLY way this will be delivered will be through WTO plus with a transitional arrangement that will involve the UK paying the EU a fee to handle the bureaucracy associated with inter UK-EU trade for an extended period. It will be a very bad deal! Mr Pickles is likely to wish that such a package – because of the dire economic consequences – not least for his constituents in Brentwood and Ongar – be put to the British People on the form of a second referendum – a device well known and well used by the EU!

    What then will such The Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles, PC, MP call the negotiated deal?

    Clearly the answer is obvious:
    The Common Reimbursement Agreement Policy (CRAP)
    If Mrs Leadsom desires to have this country exit the EU without membership of the EEA (and acceptance of free movement of people) and to conclude a quick agreement then she has but one course of action open to her accept the CRAP.

    You have been warned!

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