• A young lady and eating a pizza.


    The mediocre quality of our politicians is matched by the comprehension levels of some voters. Listen to this amusing 3 minutes of a young lady being asked about eating a pizza. Try explaining to her about whether or not the EU spending money in this country.

    • Editorial Comment: It appears that the video and others in a similar vein are very funny pranks.

    • There is also a video of her saying why she will be voting Out in the ‘Refeyrendum’!

      She explains she won’t have to watch us playing football in Europe, will be able to buy eggs from the local farmer and that she won’t be able to go to Disneyland Paris to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse because the borders will be shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m lost for words to make any comment on this.

    • It gets worse – dunnit !

      Mind you, I’d have it cut into 12 pieces rather than 8 as I couldn’t eat the lot, I’d eat about 3 or 4 of the smaller pieces and offer the rest to someone else ‘cos I’m generous like that !

      In St. Ives – no problem. The seagulls would probably get them !

      The young lady didn’t seem to be able to work it all out, but maybe she doesn’t live near the coast !

      Just a thought ( or 2 ).

      Stuart St. Ives

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