• UKIP: Spouting nonsense!


    It saddens your Editor to do this, but today’s email “Daily News” from UKIP is nonsensical!

    It states…….

    “While Westminster MPs are no doubt looking forward to the summer recess, which begins on Thursday, Brexiteers will continue to push for Article 50 to be invoked at the earliest opportunity and will not let up on the pressure applied to new ministers David Davis and Liam Fox to get moving on leaving the EU and putting new trade deals in place. It’s clear the world wants to talk to us, let’s make sure we’re answering the phone.”

    Firstly, UKIP DOES NOT have a monopoly of Brexiteers! Many Brexiteers are not members of UKIP!

    It is fervently hoped that the statement in today’s issue will fall on deaf ears as invoking Article 50 before the government’s negotiators have “all their ducks in a row” and have a full picture of “the lie of the land” would be idiotic.
    On the contrary, invoking Article 50 should be delayed as long as possible!

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