• International negotiators wanted! No experience necessary and no intelligence required! Salary negotiable!


    There appears to be no limit to the seeming stupidity of many members of the political establishment in this country. The phrase “political establishment” not only includes elected politicians at European, national and local council level but also political activists who have not been elected to public office and also journalists, broadcasters and academics who comment on current affairs.
    This article (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/24/brexit-deal-free-movement-exemption-seven-years) in the Guardian is a classic example of the profound ignorance (or wilful avoidance of doing any research) exhibited by these people.

    In the article Mr Toby Helm the Observer’s political editor no less states: “Plans to allow the United Kingdom an exemption from EU rules on freedom of movement for up to seven years while retaining access to the single market are being considered in European capitals as part of a potential deal on Brexit.”

    Mr Helm is a complete fool if he seriously believes the nonsense he has written! It is factually WRONG!

    So let us state this FACT: Access to the single market is available to virtually every country on the planet! Argentina has access to the single market. Morocco has access to the single market. Zambia has access to the single market. NONE of these three countries are in the European Union! They are not even in Europe!

    If Dear Reader you suspect your Editor is becoming increasingly exasperated, you are not wrong!
    It is very difficult to gladly tolerate fools when they are the ones running the country!
    What Mr Helm means of course is not the phrase “access to” but “membership of”. These are two very different things! Special note to Mr Helm: Because these things are different that is why they are described with different words. That is why for instance the colour black is called black and the colour blue is called blue. It enables one human being to communicate to another human being that an object is the colour blue and not the colour black.

    If indeed British politicians are thinking along the lines reported by the Guardian, Mrs May’s phrase, “Brexit means Brexit” won’t amount to a colline of French beans!

    Rather than spend time and energy repeating ourselves, we would simply ask the reader to revist our earlier article: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/07/17/brexits-best-hope-nicola-sturgeon/ and the two articles referred to there.

    Remember: Norway is NOT an EU member and neither will (if the Lafrowda solution is adopted) be England and Wales. Only EU Member States (which would include Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland if the Lafrowda solution is adopted) are subject to the Common Commercial Policy and Common External Tariff. An EFTA/EEA type deal (outside the EU) would give those affected parts of the UK – England and Wales) the same freedom to negotiate trade agreements and deals enjoyed by every non-EU Member State, as well as full self-representation on the global standards-setting bodies which are at the heart of the multilateral trading system.

    Why does the British Gazette argue for the Lafrowda solution?

    Because it meets ALL the objectives that UKIP was established for!

    1. The Union: it will preserve the Union between Scotland and the rest of Great Britain.

    2. The Kingdom: a breakaway Scotland may well cause the establishment of a Scottish Republic.

    3. Independence. The United Kingdom will have achieved independence. Yes, Dear Reader, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland will not be independent but the people there did not vote for independence!
    NB: If Scotland breaks away the breech is likely to be permanent. The European Union is clearly a failing entity. What is the point of destroying our union for the sake of securing independence from a doomed project for people who so emphatically voted to remain in that doomed project?

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