• Nigel Farage meets Donald Trump: This is how you do it!

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    Above, the full unedited version of Nigel Farage’s speech to Mr Trump’s supporters.

    The BBC and the politically correct will have been dismayed at Nigel Farage’s temerity to show up in support of Mr Trump.

    If however you knew the man the way UKIP people do, this was to be expected of him. It was inevitable following the success of the Brexit vote that Mr Farage would wish to let us say, “respond in kind” to Mr Obama’s mistake in accepting the request of David – The Chameleon – Cameron to visit the UK and go on the stump for the Remainians and the Remaniacs.

    This is of course why the foreign policy professionals at the US State Dept. will have counselled that their President not do what he did. The FACT is this: The US State Dept. is the best resourced foreign ministry on the planet. The average American and probably 90% of Nigel’s audience did not know who he was. But the professionals “at the State” – as Americans refer to it as – know full well who Nigel Farage is! Mr Obama was very foolish when he refused to take the advice of his professional experts.

    What is very clear however is this: the qualitative difference between the orational abilities of some of our British politicians when compared to some of their counterparts overseas!

    • Absolutely. Nigel Farage spoke well and intelligently as he usually does. He made a much better Ambassador than the “official” character.

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