• BREXIT: The rise of the EuroFantasist?


    Being a prominent part of the online EuroRealist community, the British Gazette email account gets large numbers of emails from fellow EuroRealists urging immediate or rapid submission of Article 50 as well as calls for the UK to quit the EEA as well as the EU. At the same time these folks assume, believe, maintain and suggest that, overall, this would improve the UK’s economic position. This is a fantasy. It cannot happen and therefore will not happen. The logic of this is inescapable: That many who describe themselves proudly as EuroRealists are not. They are EuroFantasists.
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well above this organ presents the reader with not one but two pictures. The telephone in the top image is an old GPO Series 300 telephone which many of our older readers will well remember. The lower picture is of an I-Phone. These two communications instruments illustrate just how far and how fast the world has developed since the days when the EU was but a dream in Jean Monet’s mind and today. Over that time the world has grown far more complex and with it government and the economies they attempt to govern.

    The one thing that NO Brexiteer needs reminding of is that the EU now accounts for a significant part of the governance of the formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. What many Brexiteers do not seem to understand is THIS: Just as the UK started on a PROCESS of handing the government of the nation to the EC/EEC/EU in January 1973 it will have to start on another PROCESS to regain that sovereignty. Practically it CANNOT be done “at a stroke”! Thus is should be understood that FLEXCIT (EFTA + EEA membership) is part of a PROCESS and that that process is DYNAMIC. By dynamic we mean that things are in a constant state of change and that actions by one inevitably change the situation thus forcing other parties to make changes in the light of this. What this means is this: IF the UK leaves the EU and rejoins EFTA and maintains it’s membership of the EEA, then the remaining EU members will in turn adapt and adjust to this new situation. It is likely that one or more EU members will go down the same route as the UK. Thus there will be a new paradigm in the governance of Europe. There will in effect be TWO entities:
    1. The EU that is comprised of the Eurozone.
    2. The countries that are members of EFTA and the EEA.

    Now CONSIDER THIS: France, Germany and Italy (the three largest economies in the Eurozone) will be the leaders of the EU. The UK will be the largest economy in EFTA. Remember the nonsensical statement; “The UK leading in Europe” – made by the Remainians and the Remainacs?

    Nonsense of course!

    However being the largest economy in EFTA will give the country some influence. More than it has at present!

    Now whilst it is a sad fact of life that many members of UKIP do not realise this, this developing new paradigm has NOT escaped the attention of those very able and knowledgeable professional specialists in the US State Department!

    Understand this: The US State Department is the “foreign ministry” of the USA. It happens to be the largest and best resourced foreign ministry on the planet! For decades, US foreign policy was predicated on the UK being a member of the EC/EEC/EU not because they wanted to be at the top of Jean Monet’s Christmas card list, but because this would attenuate the progress towards a “United States of Europe” and thus maintain for a longer period. US hegemony in Europe. Following the Brexit vote however these professional foreign policy experts reassessed the situation and have come up with the inevitable conclusion that IF the UK effects Brexit it will be FLEXCIT. The “IF” is because there is DOUBT! This DOUBT is not the assumption that the UK will end up where many UKIPers fantasise about but rather a state defined as “Associate Membership” [of the EU]. This will NOT be Brexit and it will not be FLEXCIT! The Remainans and Remainiacs MIGHT attempt to describe it as “the Lafrowda Solution” but it will NOT be!
    This should (under it’s new leader) be UKIP’s job: to ensure that Brexit takes place.
    However before UKIP can do this job, they have to understand what Brexit is and what it is not! Put simply:

    1. FLEXCIT is Brexit!
    2. Lafrowda is Brexit (For England and Wales)!
    3. “Associate Membership” is NOT Brexit!

    “How can we tell Associate Membership is not Brexit?” We hear you ask Dear Reader.

    That is relatively straightforward – although you can be sure that the lawyers employed by the Remainians and the Remainiacs will attempt to obscure it as best they can! It can be answered by this question: Is the UK subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice? At the moment the UK is subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice because the UK is an EU member. If the UK leaves the EU, rejoins EFTA and maintains membership of the EEA it will NOT be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. If the UK adopts the Lafowda solution, England and Wales will NOT be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice BUT Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland will be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. If the UK is subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice due to its Associate Membership it will still be a part of the EU and will NOT have regained it’s sovereignty.

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