• The Jungle, Calais: This can NOT go on! Something HAS to be done! But WHAT?


    Above, an aerial photograph of the Calais migrant camp known as “The Jungle.”

    The two reports below indicate that a solution to this intractable problem will be part of France’s agenda insofar as the Brexit negotiations are concerned.
    Herewith: https://www.mail.com/int/news/uk/4456376-france-eyes-prospects-to-pressure-britain-migrants.html#.4585140-stage-related1-4
    And: https://www.mail.com/int/news/uk/4585140-truckers-block-calais-to-demand-closure-migrant-ca.html#.1272-stage-hero1-2

    Let us be under NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER this crisis – and it is a crisis – cannot and will not be allowed to continue indefinitely by the French government. It is unsustainable and as British Gazette readers should know, if something is unsustainable then it is!

    Let us face a FACT: The residents of “The Jungle” are there for ONE reason. They wish to settle permanently in the UK.

    Now let us face some more FACTS: The stream of poor and/or dispossessed people from Africa and Asia appears unending. These people DO NOT CARE that the UK is a densely populated country. These people DO NOT CARE that a significant number of the UK’s population do not want them. That were the UK to grant ALL the residents of “The Jungle” permanent residence then more would undoubtedly follow – as they are in any case!

    So the politicians in the UK have a decision to make: Do they allow a massive increase in the numbers of migrants permanently resident in the UK or do they not.

    Let us face another FACT: Whether they choose to grant permanent residence to these people or not the consequences in political fallout will be dire!

    Last night on BBC2 there was an interesting docu-drama about Harold Macmillan’s decision to allow the USN to base it’s Polaris submarines at Holy Loch on the Clyde. The result was that protests of monumental size were staged. CND had a membership of over a million.

    British politicians are in a NO WIN situation. If they allow these migrants into the country there will be a terrible (for them) political price to pay. Equally, if they adopt the ONLY logical and practical solution there will be a terrible (for them) political price to pay. In other words, there is NO solution that will NOT cost them votes. If the UK’s politicians make the decision on what is the best political course, it will not be a case of choosing the option that will win most votes. It will be a case of choosing the option that will loose the least votes.

    In making this choice they have to look at the wider picture and not just the short term economic picture.

    Let us then examine the consequences of allowing ALL the residents into the UK.
    1. It would benefit the economy. This is because the vast majority of these men (and they are mostly men) seek to settle permanently in the UK to work and to improve themselves. These men are NOT benefit scroungers!

    2. Were these men to be allowed to bring in families – which would not happen immediately but only when they are settled – it would put huge pressure on the infrastructure. However, the taxes generated from the increased economic activity would pay for this.

    Here is a FACT that many British Gazette readers will not like: The claim made by the politically correct, Left wing, Liberal elite that immigration benefits the economy is correct. It does! That is a FACT.

    However, allowing these huge numbers to settle permanently in the UK will result in a huge additional number of additional migrants coming after them.
    Were a UK government to allow this, the UK’s democracy would not survive. However, the sad FACT is that the days of the UK being a democratic country are numbered.
    This is because of the cultural and faith divisions already existing. NB: We have not mentioned ethnicity! This is because it will become irrelevant.

    The UK is already a deeply divided country. Allowing in the residents of “The Jungle” and those who would inevitably come after them would only exacerbate this.

    The answer many of the politically correct, Left wing, Liberal elite would offer to this question is: Let them in!

    If this was to happen, and assuming that the general elections will take place in May 2020, May 2025, May 2030, May 2035, May 2040, May 2045, May 2050, expect that the government elected after May 2030 will not be able to be described as democratic in the sense that we accept this today.


    Because democracy can only exist in a country whose populations accept it. This is because democracy means peacefully accepting that the other side has won the election and has a right to govern. The countries these migrants come from are not democracies.

    It can be expected that we will have a change of sovereign by May 2030. If Prince Charles succeeds as King, we can expect his reign to end between May 2040 and before May 2050. It is unlikely that the Duke of Cambridge will succeed as King in these circumstances. Given the demographic changes it is likely that a President will be elected. If immigration is allowed to continue at the present levels it may well be that an executive presidency will exist and also that the first President will be a Muslim.
    The UK’s population will be over 80 million.
    Freedom of speech will be very much curtailed.

    The question those opposed to allowing the residents of “The Jungle” into the UK MUST answer is this: Where DO these people go?

    It is by answering this question that those politicians will incur the wrath of millions of British voters.

    There is only ONE practical answer: In one of many interment camps in the Falkland Islands.

    This is the ONLY solution as a message NEEDS to be sent to the millions of Africans and Asians determined to follow in the footsteps of those already resident in “The Jungle.”
    That message is this: Your destination will be an internment camp in some remote and sparely populated islands in the far South Atlantic.
    Now of course, many of the residents of the Falkland Islands would object! However, setting up these camps will create jobs! Security guards and warders along with cooks and so forth will be required! This will mean more houses and more people living there! There will also be a substantial increase in British forces on the islands.

    This policy WILL solve the migrant question! For both France and the UK!

    However, BE UNDER NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the policy will meet with furious opposition from the politically correct, Left wing, Liberal elite and the voters who support them. Protests will number possibly in the millions. Certainly the tens of thousands. There will be HUGE demonstrations. The law will have to be changed to stop legal challenges from being effective. This will result in the resignations of many judges.
    This will be the most divisive issue in the UK for over a century.

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