• Barry Morgan: On “same sex marriage”.


    Above, Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales.

    The Archbishop of Wales has come out in support of gay marriage, questioning why Christians would want to deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

    Dr Barry Morgan announced his new position in his last address to the Governing Body of the Church in Wales. He will retire from the position in January.

    He said studying the Bible in its full context had led to a very different view of same-sex relationships than that traditionally held by the Church.
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    British Gazette comment:
    This organ disagrees most profoundly with Dr. Morgan. It appears that this organ needs to appraise Dr. Morgan with the Facts of Life! Herewith:

    Today is Thursday 15th September, 2016. Two hundred years ago it was Sunday 15th September 1816.

    FACT #1: Not a single human being who was born on that day is still alive.

    FACT #2: Dr Barry Morgan exists as does the Editor of this organ as do you Dear Reader.

    FACT #3: With one exception, to create a human being a woman and a man are required. A human being cannot be created with a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The exception was of course Jesus Christ.

    Dr. Morgan appears to have forgotten the words he used in the last marriage service he performed.

    Speculation: At some point in the future it is possible that genetic technology will have advanced to the state where DNA resequencing is “doable.” This would mean that the ageing process can be slowed, halted or even reversed. This will in effect enable human beings to live for an indefinite period, baring fatal accidents or unnatural death. In such circumstances the perpetuation of the species would not require the birth of children although such would likely continue. Furthermore given such advanced genetics it may be possible (But most undesirable! – Ed.) that pigs could be genetically adapted to sufficient degree to be able to gestate an implanted human embryo that may or may not be a clone. Alternatively, an artificial womb could be manufactured.

    Presumably, Dr Morgan will now suggest that Christ preached His Gospel with these possible future developments in mind! Presumably arguing that since Christ allowed the demons to enter the Gadarene swine from the man so afflicted with them; implanting a human embryo into a pig to allow two men to have a cloned child of one of them is perfectly OK!

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