• President Elect, Donald Trump: Living in interesting times.

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    Our thanks to the Chinese civilisation for giving us the core of today’s title.

    Well! Were you expecting this?

    I took the decision NOT to stay up all night looking at the telly. Instead I hit the sack and got up to switch on the telly and watch the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat’s take on things.

    There is I think a guilty pleasure that your Editor shares with many readers of this organ. That of the schadenfreude experienced seeing all the left wing BBC politicos cry into their black coffee on occasions such as Friday 24th June 2016 and now Wednesday 9th November 2016.

    Both now famous “morning after the night befores” where the results were not only what the left wing politicos expected they were the results they did NOT want!

    One of the hopeful things about the Trump presidency is that President Trump – two words that will raise the blood pressure of any left wing or green activists – will be a renegotiation/abrogation of the climate change treaty the Obama administration entered into in Paris earlier this year.

    Let us hope that President Trump will make good on his campaign promise to help the folks living in what is known as the rust belt by stopping the climate change scams and allowing the huge US coalfield to once again provide jobs for US miners cutting US coal AND allow US firms to have lower energy costs as a result.

    Someone needs to play the role of the boy who shouted; “Look, the Emperor has no clothes on!”

    Hopefully that person will be the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump.

    Hopefully, Mr Trump may find some employment for a certain Mr Nigel Farage as well.

    Oh, and one more thing: Herewith some nice words to be sung to the Choral of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony:

    Schadenfreude!Schadenfreude! Das ist es, was wir gerne haben!

    • Afternoon rolling news on BBC1, they are having difficulty not gagging on reporting this result, reminds me of Brexit!
      Which country will be next to do the same, I wonder?

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