• Feeling sorry. Very, very sorry!


    Above, Ed Miliband, Chief Architect of the Climate Change Act, 2010.

    I suppose, given that one is expected to live to the traditional standards espoused by the Church, one has to feel sorry for those who are down hearted, sad and distressed. The Good Lord would not approve of schadenfreude. I think all British Gazette readers will know that. As they were all, “brought up proper…”

    But then it is in the nature of man to be sinful, and some may admit to a guilty feeling of glee as one reads the words of John Vidal the Guardian’s environment editor as he wrote the piece below:
    Mr Vidal’s words make such pleasurable reading we reprint them below:

    [START]As news of Donald Trump’s victory reached Marrakech on Wednesday, the many thousands of diplomats, activists, youth and business groups gathered in the city for the UN’s annual climate conference were left in shock and disbelief that the US could elect a climate-change denier as president.

    [AND]“No one thought this could happen. Everyone here is in shock,” said Bangladeshi scientist and diplomat Saleemul Huq. “No one had anticipated this result and, hence, there was no plan B. We will have to think about what happens next.”[END]

    Hopefully, President elect Trump will follow through on at least one of his campaign pledges. Let us fervently hope one of these will be to end the USA’s participation in the Great Glow-bull Warning Scandal.
    Herewith: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/13/trump-looking-at-quickest-way-to-quit-paris-climate-agreement-says-report?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H+categories&utm_term=199473&subid=15907465&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2
    The FACT is that the Great Glow-bull Warning Scandal is a fraud. NB: Not all those campaigning for the “green agenda” are fraudsters. There are two types of person involved. Fools – those who honestly believe the nonsense they are spouting. Fraudsters – those who know their claims are fraudulent and are manipulating the data to obtain the propaganda tools they need.

    I remember a judge who was an old friend and professional colleague of my late father once remark on the subject of the crime of fraud. He said; “Most frauds, if persisted with, will lead to one inevitable conclusion. Doubts will arise. Suspicions will be raised. Often it only takes one man to bring this about. An investigation will be commenced. Then the authorities will be alerted. The police visiting the man on whom the doubts rest. Then the arrest of the suspect. Then the charging of the defendant. Then the conviction of the offender. And the imprisonment of the offender.”

    Please do not gloat for too long!

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