• Messrs. Trump & Farage: Two underestimated men.


    Today is Suzie’s birthday. It is also the birthday of HRH, the Prince of Wales. Many happy returns Sir.

    “Who is Suzie?” We here you ask Dear Reader.

    Well the question should be, “Who was Suzie?”

    Suzie was a cat. Suzie was a black and white puss with a gentle nature. That is a gentle nature towards human beings. The birds and mice in and around Kingswood Gardens would strenuously have argued to the contrary! Suzie lived to the grand old age of 13 before the vet spared her suffering further from liver cancer via a lethal injection.

    Given the recent momentous events happening either side of the pond, I have been thinking of that friendly little puss. You see, Suzie lived through a period of my life when I grew from a boy to a young man. Suzie’s life was always going to be a short one relative the the average human life.

    I remember the evening we collected her. It was in January. Christmas was over and Mum was taking the cat as a birthday present for herself and the family. The lady from whom Mum collected her lived in one of the houses on North Park Grove in Roundhay. It was near the old GPO telephone exchange – now long converted to offices – at the Devonshire Crescent intersection which delineates where Devonshire Lane ends and North Park Grove begins. The lady’s house was on the opposite side of the road to the exchange. It was early evening and it had snowed that afternoon. The snow was crisp underfoot in the cold night air. Suzie the kitten was carried back in a cardboard box.

    Of the many things that occurred during Suzie’s life – all of which went completely unnoticed by her – was the publication of a book. This was Chariots of the Gods? In 1968. It was written by a Swiss gentleman, a certain Erich von Däniken.

    At the heart of the book was an extraordinary and ridiculous claim: That extraterrestrials or “ancient astronauts” visited Earth and influenced early human culture. That structures such as the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Moai of Easter Island were the result.

    Then there were the Nazca Lines.

    The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru. They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

    Herr von Däniken you see believed that these were to aid the landing of alien spacecraft. But then 1968 was before “sat navs” and global positioning systems were developed!

    You see Dear Reader, the reason why I am babbling on about this was the reaction of my fellow school boys – who had read this book and had swallowed all it’s claims bodily – hook line and sinker – to my assertion that Herr von Däniken was a twit and the ancient Indians (Sorry, Equalities Commission – in 1968 these native peoples were called “Indians” and not “Native Americans” or “First Nation Peoples”) marked out those lines to praise their own Gods who they will have believed were looking down on them. This common sense proposition brought forth the scorn of these schoolboys who were then firmly of the opinion that Rogers was of very limited intellectual capacity and his brain therefore could not comprehend the the great scientific revelation that the book had given them!

    So it can be revealed that neither I nor Suzie the Cat ever believed that the Nazca Lines were navigation aids for “flying saucers”!

    To be the subject of such condescending ridicule is of course “par for the course” for any long time UKIP supporter or “Climate Change Denier” – as those of us who maintain that the CO2 delusion is a scam are called.

    It was and is revealing to observe how the politically correct establishment figures in the BBC reacted and still react to Messrs. Trump & Farage.

    These people appear to be unaware that through the efforts of these two men the world has changed and will change.

    Of course, British Gazette readers will quickly point out that Mr Trump appears to be retreating from some of his campaign suggestions. However, it must be borne in mind that Mr Trump won the election largely through the votes of many communities in the depressed coal-mining states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

    It is a FACT that the USA had – and still has – some of the largest coal reserves on the planet.

    It is also a FACT that people tend to focus on their own country’s politics and developments and not others. We on this side of the pond are only too well aware of the monstrous wind turbines along the A30 and elsewhere. What we forget is that in countries like the USA we have similar structures.

    It is a FACT that for many years now the hard pressed US Taxpayer has seen their tax dollars used to subsidise such as farmers who grow bio-fuels – which, incidentally use more fossil-fuel energy to produce than anything they might save in CO2! Then there are the thousands upon thousands of wind turbines and hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of solar panels farms. All of these Federal Dollar Harvesters (FDH) only manage to contribute less than 14 percent of US electricity!

    Mr Trump has declared that he wishes to spend US $600 billion on infrastructure. He has also declared he wishes to lower taxes.

    It is not I think a terribly remote prospect that Mr Trump may well “call time” to the Federal subsidies on “green energy” and help put coal miners back to work by encouraging the construction of coal fired power stations that produced low cost base load electricity.

    Of course the one thing that is CERTAIN if Mr Trump proceeds down this route is the howls of protest there will be from the politically correct green left wing establishment across so much of the western world.

    Another thing that is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN is that any British Gazette reader who has the brazen effrontery or temerity to suggest that Mr Trump is doing the right thing will have excoriation upon excoriation heaped upon them by distressed and enraged by members of the local left wing, liberal, green “Elite”.

    On a more serious level however is the reaction of China.

    The Chinese have already warned Mr Trump that; “……..He will be defying the wishes of the entire planet if he acts on his vow to back away from the Paris climate agreement.”

    Now it must be borne in mind that none of the commitments entered into at Paris are legally binding – in terms of international law – signatory states may well wish to make them legally binding upon themselves however.

    2017 promises to be an interesting year!Not Suzie, but similar.

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