• Climate Bandwagoneers: Beware the long arm of the law.


    Today’s article is a warning that is NOT directed at the vast majority to those who would describe themselves as a “climate change activist”. People who regard the image above as an entirely reasonable depiction as to the consequences that will befall the planet if CO2 emissions are not reduced.

    This is because these people are honest well meaning public spirited people who are genuinely concerned about the future not only for themselves but for their children, grandchildren and the population as a whole.

    There will be many of those who fitting the description “climate change denier” that those well meaning folk will give to them who will scoff.

    However to our fellow “deniers” we should be aware of one FACT in particular: It would NOT be possible to maintain the Great Glow Bull Warning Scam were it otherwise. This scam, now one of the most widespread frauds in the whole of human history, can ONLY be carried out if the vast majority of those campaigning for it’s declared aims are wholly duped.

    Those making vast amounts of money out of the scam who KNOW that their figures are faked and arguments false may feel pretty secure right now.

    They should however consider that this will NOT always be the case.

    They should look to another set of happenings: Investigations into what is known as “historic child abuse.”

    It s a most distressing and sad FACT that during past decades – the 1980s and earlier – children were abused, physically and in many cases sexually, and little or no action was taken against the perpetrators.

    Now, thankfully, things are very different. Very different indeed. The authorities are now investigated many cases of abuse that were committed by the perpetrators on their victims decades ago. Their victims young children at the time are now in many cases middle aged and still bear the mental scars of their abuse. It stands to reason that their abusers are now old. Some very old.

    The FACT is that there will be many old and very old people who will have abused children decades ago and a decade or so ago had forgotten about it. They REMEMBER it now though. Many of these people are now “looking over their shoulders” so to speak wondering if there will be a “knock on the door.”

    Therefore we suggest to those making a lot of money out of the climate change scam to bear in mind another FACT: All FRAUDS, involving a paper trail, if persisted with will get FOUND OUT.

    You may be fairly young now but you may well discover that in your middle age you will be helping the police of the future with their enquiries.
    You have been warned!

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