• Brexit: Yes! The “panto” season has arrived.


    Above, actress Pat Michael as principal boy, “Prince Charming”.

    In today’s article we have to start off by explaining to our many non British readers the peculiar British tradition of the pantomime.

    Pantomimes are a from of comedy play put on over the Christmas period. They are put on by professional theatre companies often featuring famous personalities playing for them an unusual role. There are also many amateur dramatic societies who put on pantomimes across the country.

    It is family entertainment so much so, that a pantomime played to an audience with no young children would be as flat as Jeremy Clarkson telling activists at a Green Party fringe meeting how to tune up a Dodge Viper’s 8.4 L (512.5 cu in) V10 engine!

    One of the features of pantomime is cross dressing. Men dressing as women and women dressing as men. At this point we have to remind our overseas readers that yes, this is family entertainment and this is all done in an innocent way.

    In additional to the many traditional pantomimes there is this year a special pantomime been put on by the country’s politicians and media commentairiat.

    This pantomime has a title all of it’s own: Brexit: Chaos and Confusion reign supreme!

    Amidst the screams of angst and outrage emanating from the Tory back benches (with UKIP performing the role of backing group) such as the Daily Mail below:
    GOTO: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4035922/Brexit-talks-DECADE-FAIL-Britain-s-EU-ambassador-warned-ministers.html
    Are screaming blue murder at suggestions that are way of the mark.

    As a result, there is an onus upon the British Gazette to present the FACTS:

    The UK has a commitment to meet payments under the EU’s the Multi-annual Financial Framework.
    GOTO: http://ec.europa.eu/budget/mff/introduction/index_en.cfm
    This commitment ceases when we leave.

    There are however the UK’s “reste à liquider” (RAL) commitments.

    What are these? We hear you ask.

    Well just as it says in French. In English; “remains to be settled”. Essentially, “RAL” is the French equivalent of the English “TBA”.

    The RAL/TBA is the sum of outstanding commitments, commitments agreed to but that have not yet translated into payments. Long term budgetary commitments lead to the existence of amounts of commitments remaining to be paid out. It is analogous to when a contract is signed, e.g. to build a house, the commitment is being made, but the construction company will only be paid according to the progress of the work.

    This means there will be ongoing commitments under the Multi-annual Financial Framework when we leave but the liability will become transitional and therefore such liabilities the amounts of which will have to be agreed – will be tapered.

    So what role does Paul Nuttall and UKIP play?

    Well, given that he took an active part in the referendum campaign in June, he is a principal character on the ongoing pantomime.

    You see, Paul and his fellow UKIP MEPs were key figures in ensuring that the vote went the way we in the Eurorealist community wanted. For Brexit!


    Thus it was that contrary to what this organ was advocating at the time, Paul and his colleagues took a judgement that it was most important to make such representations and statements necessary in order to persuade as large a number as possible to turn out to vote on the 23rd June 2016 for this country to leave the EU.

    Now this has been achieved Paul and his colleagues must of course continue to make the same manner of statements as they did in the campaign.

    Paul and his colleagues are in the best place possible to do this: NOT IN GOVERNMENT.

    You see we know where the UK is going to end up. It is already being described by some as the “transitional arrangement.”

    Clearly, this is the term for EFTA plus EEA membership. The so-called “Norway Option.” Clearly it will come with a huge price tag. Which will have to be paid.

    The political problem is this: The British People were not told about this during the referendum campaign!

    Therefore a fairy tale has to be created. The plot is straightforward and simple:

    If UKIP and Tory supporters like John Redwood formed the government they would be able to / would have negotiated “a trade deal” that would have given the UK ALL the advantages of being in the single market with little or none of the costs! Furthermore, there would have been no payment t “Brussels” of any RAL commitment!

    This of course is sheer fantasy!

    But then that is what pantomimes are!

    For an evening, in the company of our children and grandchildren we suspend reality and enjoy!

    So that leaves us with the an important question: What pantomime role does Paul Nuttall play?

    Well the obvious role for Paul is to challenge the established order and demand to “cross cross dress!” That is for him, a man, to play the role of a woman playing a man!

    How’s that for Euro complexity!

    Yes, Northerner Paul should play Northern Dick Whittington! The all important question is this?

    Who gets to play the cat?

    Well it seems like Dame Angelina Jolie, DCMG, is up for the role!Of course, the pantomime ends, we return home and put the children or our grown up children put our grandchildren to bed and we retire to face the reality the morning.

    Well, for the Brexit pantomime reality will take the form of the international credit rating agencies!

    Unfortunately, these hard nose annalists can see through the nonsense and they will in 2017 start cutting back the country’s credit rating unless some sense and progress is being made in the negotiations.

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