• Brexit: Will the truth be stranger than fiction?


    Above, Only Fools and Horses theme.

    Whilst it is accepted amongst the professionals in the world’s foreign ministries, the world’s commodity, currency and stock markets that the ONLY “doable” practical exit strategy for the UK to LEAVE the EU is to rejoin EFTA and to remain in the EEA – aka Flexcit or the “Norway Option”; it appears that the curious assortment of dullards, half-wits and nincompoops at Westminster who glory in the title, “Member of Parliament” are in danger of grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Whilst it is to be hoped that the new phrase, “a transitional arrangement” is merely a form of words to disguise Flexcit, there is a danger that the Three Monkeys (Davis, Fox & Johnson) may after their inept bungling cause the UK to end up in the dreaded “Associate Membership”. That in the new treaty, the UK will end up trapped in the European labyrinth. For unlike Ariadne, Mrs May may not hand her Theseus (one of the Three Monkeys!) a thread with which to escape!

    This organ has previously disclosed the Acid Test for Brexit: Will the UK be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice? If it is it is in the EU. If it is not, then it is not in the EU. Norway is NOT and therefore is not!

    The reason of course will be that the Three Monkeys are being driven away from declaring for the Norway Option as a large number of idiots who managed to secure election as Tory MPs want what they call a Hard Brexit! These fools are of course being cheered on by another band of fools: those UKIP activists calling for the same!

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