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    GOTO: http://www.premier.org.uk/News/UK/Atheist-wins-bid-to-put-up-anti-Christmas-banner-by-Nativity-set?utm_source=Premier%20Christian%20Media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7856171_daily%20news%2020%20dec&utm_content=NAT&dm_i=16DQ,4ODUZ,M9A8UA,HGWBY,1
    Following on from the Berlin terrorist attack, the actions of a certain Mr Jerry Bloom a denizen of Shelton in the US state of Connecticut show the remarkable contrast between a modern progressive democracy that is the Federal Republic of Germany and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    Here is a plain simple FACT: IF Mr Bloom had been so stupid to erect the above banner in Peshawar – the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan – then he would have been arrested for blasphemy and would be awaiting the same fate as Asia Bibi.

    Now of course the politically correct will be foaming at the mouth due to this organ’s “outrageous decision to inflame a delicate situation”. There will of course be those such as a certain Mr Patrick Condell who will point an accusatory finger at the religion of Islam.
    However such accusations are missing a very important point: In and of itself, is not the particular religion that is the problem. It is the adherents of that religion who practise intolerance and violence in it’s name.
    Now many will suggest this is a mealy mouth excuse but read on:

    Let us postulate another hypothetical scenario: that Mr Bloom did not erect his banner in Shelton, Connecticut but in the village of Shelton in Norfolk. Let us hypothesise that Mr Bloom set up his banner adjacent to the war memorial (below) in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church.Inside the church is a plaque listing the men of both Shelton and nearby Hardwick who fell in the two world wars.

    Now let us imagine that some clever scientists from the University of East Anglia (the ones who are predicting disaster for the planet if CO2 levels increase any further) have constructed an experimental time machine. They activate it and transport a worthy knight in shinning armour back to the present day from five hundred years ago, from the 20th December 1517. Now let us say that the UoEA scientists did not get their calculations spot on and whilst they succeeded in “beaming back” the knight “Star Trek style” to the present day, they failed to beam him back to the laboratory where of course the scientists could explain what happened; but they ended up beaming him back to the churchyard in front of the cross just in time to see Mr Bloom erect his sign!

    We know what fate would befall the unfortunate Mr Bloom at that point. The knight in shining armour, would immediately recognise Mr Bloom as a heretic and would deal with him in the correct and fitting manner: by striking off poor Mr Bloom’s head with his broadsword!

    So there you have it!

    The problem we have today. And it is a SERIOUS problem! Is this: In 1517 our knight in shining armour was equipped with the latest and most deadly weapons technology to hand: a broadsword.
    Today in 2017 we have thermonuclear weapons.
    The photograph of the cross in the churchyard was compiled by and is the copyright of Mr Mick Tilley. Any copying must acknowledge this. GOTO: http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Norfolk/Shelton.html

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