• Somewhere over the horizon, skies are blue; and the cat that you own will return with you!


    As the authorities across Europe hunt for the man they believe is a mass murderer following the Berlin outrage, we can assume this individual will be making attempts to evade capture. At this time then the British Gazette will draw attention to a lighter side of the what the border authorities do every day, Christmas Day included; guard the border points.

    The above image supplied by the New Zealand Ministry of primary Industries is of Bella, a 4-year-old pet cat belonging to an unnamed Canadian lady. This lady and her husband decided that it would be a jolly nice idea to spend Christmas in the warm and not experience the rigours of the Canadian winter!

    They therefore decided that New Zealand, nicely in the Southern Hemisphere (where it is of course summer) would be a splendid choice. There was however a fly, or more accurately a feline in the ointment of their holiday plans: Bella, their cat.

    They lady wanted two conflicting and seemingly irreconcilable things: she wanted to keep Christmas in sunny (and warm!) New Zealand and she wanted to keep Christmas in the company of her cat!

    Employing human ingenuity she attempted to smuggle the said feline into New Zealand. But got caught due to the New Zealand customs officers employing the same human ingenuity discovered her smuggling attempt.

    The result? Husband, wife and Bella the cat were returned to Canada on the next flight.
    GOTO: https://www.mail.com/int/news/world/4850786-authorities-canadian-tried-to-smuggle-cat-zealand.html#.1272-stage-ss1-2
    This is a classic cake and eat it story, which has a wider message and particularly speaks to Germany: That as humans we often want irreconcilable things. At this time of year it is the custom of the current affairs media to look back on the events of the year. Clearly with “Brexit” and Mr Trump’s unexpected electoral success, 2016 had been a significant year.

    During the early Brexit referendum campaign many Brexiteers were exasperated when the then Prime Minister, David Chameleon came back empty handed from Brussels. To borrow from Dickens, he had taken his bowl, asked for more and received the same reply as young Oliver had! The Chameleon then made a fatal mistake: he attempted to make out that his bowl of gruel was full and that he had in fact received a second serving!

    In hindsight, this was the point at which the Remain campaign’s fate was sealed.

    What is instructive at this point is to ask ourselves why it was that Frau Doktor Merkel sent the Chameleon away empty handed? Further, given that Germany actually cedes more Sovereignty to Europe (due to it’s membership of the Eurozone) than the UK, why are most Germans so Europhile and why are – and now importantly were – so keen on pursuing an open border policy and welcoming so many migrants, the vast majority of whom had a vastly different culture to their hosts, to their nation?

    It is because Germans are haunted by the ghosts of the past.

    Again to refer the Dickens and the seasonal Christmas Carol, Germans are haunted by the Spirit of the Past. They are frightened of their own size and power. When Germany was divided this tended to ameliorate the fear but now with unification German power reigns in Europe and the reaction of the German organisme politique is to plunge the country into a federal union to dilute the sovereign power they possess with those of others. At the same time, Germans fear themselves. This has a similar expresstion in Britain, although in the UK it is a sense of self-loathing more than self-fear.

    This sense of self loathing is embodied in the minds of many on the left and centre and significantly centre right of British politics. A classic example came from the mouth of a certain Mr Greg Dyke who described the BBC as being “hideously white”.

    The reason for this bizarre attitude towards his “fellow white people” is of course exploited by many who now describe themselves as “BAME” – “black and minority ethnic” – persons. A classic complainant is the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the chaplain of the House of Commons – who was probably appointed to the post because he had two vital qualities for the politically correct: 1. She was a woman and 2. She was black.
    GOTO: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4054364/The-Church-England-RACIST-does-not-respect-ethnic-minorities-says-Commons-chaplain.html
    Now whilst practising a policy of discrimination against Anglo-Saxons in preference for Afro-Caribbeans merely advantages Afro-Caribbeans, practising a policy of intentional blindness by encouraging the migration of persons who regard that a suitable way to deal with homosexual men is to throw them to their deaths from tall buildings to places such as Brighton, Sussex is lunacy.

    This is a policy that has enthusiastically adopted by Germany. The results of which have been cruelly demonstrated in Berlin.
    The tragic danger for Germany from all this is that if these terror attacks continue – from the same source – then those ghosts that Germans could fear could start coming back to life. And nobody wants that!
    Of course, this article will doubtless be regarded by the politically correct as constituting and offence under Section 5(1) of the Public Order Act 1986.

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