• Pandora (aka Mrs May) opens the jar!


    The disastrous consequences of a “train crash” Brexit must fill most sensible people with dread. Whether or not we are employed we will all be materially affected.

    Of course, as some Europhile politicians have pointed out, nothing concrete has actually happened yet. The UK had a referendum last year. Article 50 has yet to be served. The UK is still an integral part of the EU.

    Truly, given Mrs May’s gender and her latest announcement, I liken her to Pandora.

    British Gazette readers will know the myth; Pandora, (the “all-gifted, all-giving”) was given a jar (not box) and when she opened it all the evils of the world flew out, leaving only “Hope” inside once she had closed it again.

    When (and if?) Mrs May invokes Article 50 she will in my mind have become a 21st Century Pandora for all we will have left is hope.

    This, in my mind forces me to ask this question: Is Mrs May a fool or a fraud?

    If she is genuinely convinced that her rhetoric is sound and sensible and represents what she expects to achieve, then she is undoubtedly a fool.

    Could there however be another more hopeful answer? Could it be that she is a fraud?

    Many readers of this organ will know that Dr Richard North co-authored with Mr Christopher Booker the Great Deception describing how the EU had evolved and the trickery that accompanied this country’s entry into what was described as the “Common Market”.

    Could it be that the whole Brexit process is some kind of coup de théâtre? To effectively “pull the wool over the eyes” of the British People, would need a largely compliant and not very bright legacy media (which appears to be what we have). Will some form of deal be (or is being, or has been) cooked up behind the scenes?

    It will have to be given a distinct and unique name. How about, the “Common Market”?

    After all, that is what a certain Mr Nigel Farage (“The Donald’s” representative in the UK and Europe?) has in the past stated: “What the British People thought they were signing up to in the first place!”

    It is said that history can sometimes repeat itself. So as the UK was taken “into Europe” on a lie, could it be taken out “of Europe” on a lie? Statements made during the referendum campaign seem to indicate this.

    Of course, students of military history may well feel inclined to point out to us that “the plan” and not “the truth” is regarded by some as the first causality of war.

    We have in previous articles drawn the Reader’s attention to the dangers of an “accidental” crashing out of the EU. My home county is the West Riding of Yorkshire. Not far outside my home city of Leeds lies the site of the Battle of Towton. It is described as “probably the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil”. Contemporary reports listed the casualties at 28,000. As with many defeats, a fundamental mistake heralded bloody defeat. The battlefield is crossed by a small river. It’s name? The River Cock.

    Thus I suppose we can say that a monumental cock up took place on 29th March 1461.

    Will a monumental cock up occur on or will have occurred by Friday 29th March 2019?
    NB: This organ has, does and always will champion “Brexit”. But a sensible and sound “Brexit”! Which means Flexcit as developed by Dr. Richard North and others.

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