• The poison chalice: Who is going to drink from it?


    In yesterday’s article we discussed Mr Trump’s inauguration and reflected upon the prospects for “US assistance” from the Anglophile President. The conclusion was clear: Disruptive? “You bet yah!” Expensive? “Yes Siree!” Economically catastrophic on the scale of a train crash Brexit? “Nope!” Politically survivable? “How dumb a jackass can you be to ask that Limey?”

    Thus like Theseus in the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur, the only way out is to follow that thread which Ariadne gave him!

    Yes. We keep coming back to Flexcit authored by the estimable Doctor Richard North supported by the excellent Christopher Booker.

    In his latest words of wisdom (https://behindthepaywallblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/theresa-mays-two-year-brexit-plan-is-hubristic-ignorant-and-laughable/), Mr Booker laments the present situation. We cannot but agree!

    However, like Theseus and his thread and we and Flexcit, we keep returning to the same question: Is The Right Honourable, Theresa May, PC, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Member for Maidenhead (the home of the Range Rover brigade!) a fool or a fraud?

    If you take at face value the words coming forth from her lips, then the question is answered easily. A fool!

    However, this does not match with the lady’s record of achievements to date. She is a clever lady. “Fool” is not a description that fits easily on her.

    So there MUST be another explanation!

    As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes was wont to state: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

    So let us look a little deeper. British Gazette readers know that Brexit is not going to be a painless procedure. Let us say that shortly after entering Number 10, Mrs May had come out and endorsed Flexcit. Politically, as a Remainer, she would have been able convincingly to do this. But she did not.

    Why not?

    Probably because she knows that Brexit will prove most expensive and difficult compared to “the walk in the park” promised by the leave campaign!

    This of course is the problem with promising the polices found “somewhere over the rainbows where skies are blue and dreams always do come true!”

    Mrs May realises that Brexit is a poison chalice!

    Now they do say poison is a woman’s weapon. And we are of the opinion that Mrs May is trying to manoeuvre some poor unfortunate chap into drinking the hemlock contained in the chalice!

    We do believe that the lady has found her victim! He happens to be the Unfortunate Peter Wishart, the SNP Shadow Leader of the House of Commons and Member for North Tayside! Below:This is because the Unfortunate Wishart following the diktat of his leader Ms Sturgeon will insist upon a sensible Brexit strategy in the negotiations. This of course means Flexcit – although Our Unfortunate Friend may choose to describe it in words of his own choosing.

    You see, we believe that Mrs May knows that Flexcit is the only Brexit strategy that a non delusional person (such as Our Unfortunate Friend above) would opt for. She also knows it will not be regarded as a successful Brexit as it will be described as a “half way house” by UKIP. Mrs May therefore wants to shift the responsibility – and the voter’s opprobrium – onto others. That’s where Our Unfortunate Friend and his colleagues come in. Supported of course by the Pro EU worthies in the Labour Party.

    To pull this feat off Mrs May will be in the bizarre position of hoping that enough of her own backbench MPs will rebel and vote with the opposition! This is the really difficult part of her plan as she cannot openly encourage this. That would be giving the game away! But then, if one is going to “bump someone off” stealth is of the essence. After all, having being Home Secretary for six years, the lady should know this!

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