• Saved from one’s own folly!


    Conolly’s Folly (above) is often derided as a waste of money. However, Mrs Katherine Conolly (one “n” not two) commissioned it’s construction to provide employment for the poor of Celbridge when the Irish famine of 1740-41 was at its worst.
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conolly’s_Folly
    It is the opinion of the British Gazette that work has been similarly provided for lawyers by another lady, Mrs Gina Miller during the Brexit famine of 2016-17 was at it’s worst.

    The difference between the two famines of course was that whereas the 1740-41 was a famine of staples to eat, the famine of 2016-17 is a dearth of common sense amongst huge numbers of the political class.
    Mrs Miller – whatever her motives – has done the nation a huge service when as a result of her litigation, the Supreme Court will rule tomorrow that the government cannot invoke Article 50 using the Royal Prerogative but will have to seek an Act of Parliament instead.
    Herewith a news report: https://www.mail.com/int/news/uk/4917356-parliament-pm-uks-supreme-court-to-rule-brexit-cas.html#.1258-stage-hero1-1
    The British Gazette has been predicting all along that this is what the Supreme Court will decide!

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    The reason of course is straightforward: Since Article 50 contains no revocation clause (in other words, it CANNOT be stopped once invoked) invoking Article 50 has THE EFFECT OF repealing more than one Act of Parliament. Including of course the European Communities Act of 1972!

    Therefore under the 1688 Declaration of Rights ratified into law by the 1689 Bill of Rights, the Crown cannot make law without the advice of ministers and the consent of Parliament.

    Of course it is highly likely that Mrs May knew this all along! We know that Mrs May has a problem. A very big problem.

    There are two aspects to her problem. They are:

    1. How to achieve Brexit without crashing the UK economy!
    2. How to achieve Brexit without being blamed for going back on the promises made by the Leave campaign!

    The answers to these two questions of course are obvious as the legal position vis-à-vis Article 50!

    To question 1 it is to adopt Flexcit as authored by estimable Doctor Richard North with the assistance of the excellent Mr Christopher Booker!

    Top question 2 it is to find someone else for the public to lay the blame at the feet of!

    The difficulty for Mrs May will be in achieving this as it requires turkeys to actively and enthusiastically vote for an early Christmas!

    Who are these turkeys we hear you ask?

    Well they are Labour, Liberal Democrat and those brave and principled Tory rebels who will vote to impose legislative constraints on the UK’s negotiating position in the Invocation (Article 50) Act 2017 [a suggested title].

    Their sacrifice will be in the national interest.
    Those who will gain of course will be UKIP.
    Here is the greatest (and to those Europhiles with a sense of history will be the) most bitter-sweet of ironies. You see, as British Gazette readers well know, the formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was unlawfully made suzerain to what became the European Union by the Queen’s ministers breaking their Privy Council Oaths to ensure that no foreign prince potentate or power shall have precedence in this land so causing Her Majesty to be in breech of her Coronation Oath to govern us according to our laws and customs.
    This of course was undertake through a massive deceit and lies on an industrial scale.
    Likewise, the EU referendum was won through a massive deceit and lies on an industrial scale.

    A picture was painted of the UK outside the EU that was, “somewhere over the rainbow where skies are blue and dreams always do come true!” AKA UKIP’s manifesto.

    Since of course UKIP’s manifesto is impossible to implement, Mrs May would be a fool to attempt to do so! Mrs May will have to legislate for Flexcit instead. Which in no possible way can be spun as UKIP’s manifesto!

    So the lady wants to be seen as being forced – by those ‘orrible Lib-Dem, Labour and SNP MPs – to negotiate for Flexcit! And of course having to pay out the trifling sum of £60 billion (in RAL payments – due whether the UK is in or out of the EEA) to the EU! Which of course Paul Nuttall could negotiate into oblivion were he in the negotiating seat! That we have entered the new age of “fantasy politics” has been most eloquently demonstrated by President Trump’s special adviser Kellyanne Conway – she shares our common language – who has coined the phrase, “Alternative Fact/s!”
    Herewith our accurate prophesies:
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