• Article 50: We told you so!


    The news (https://www.mail.com/int/news/uk/4919894-latest-downing-street-reacts-to-losing-brexit-case.html#.1258-stage-hero1-1) that there will have to be legislation to invoke Article 50 was obvious all along!

    It has also been obvious given the complete [expletive deleted] that has been talked about Brexit since Midsummer’s Day 2016 that the parties are manoeuvring into positions where they suffer the least in terms of negative political fallout for them.

    It is PERFECTLY OBVIOUS to any sentient organism with at least two functioning brain cells that the architects of the European superstate that began with Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet’s dream after WW2 that these architects were going to ensure that once in, any member state was going to have to be dissuaded from ever wanting to leave!

    Here is a FACT: Leaving the European Union is going to be expensive!
    Here is another FACT: It was UKIP what won it! (The referendum)
    And yet another FACT: Had the Leave campaign been open, honest and frank with the voters, the Remain campaign would have won!
    And yet another FACT: Those that took this formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, all committed serious criminal offences in doing so. They broke their Privy Council Oaths to ensure that NO foreign prince, potentate or power would have precedence in this land. In doing so they caused Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second to be placed in breach of her Coronation Oath to govern us according to Our Laws and Customs and not those of a foreign power! Not only that they lied, lied and lied again to ensure that their treason succeeded.

    And finally, a question: How can the Leave campaign’s dishonesty be justified?
    The British Gazette’s answer: During WW2, my late uncle flew in RAF Bomber command in operations over Germany. He was part of the “carpet bombing” of German cities where large numbers of German civilians were killed by the bombs dropped by those RAF aircraft. Sadly, these deaths were necessary to win the war against Nazism. Today the RAF has precision guided weapons that are capable to destroying a military target reducing to an absolute minimum what is now euphemistically called “collateral damage”.

    Today’s technology was not available to the RAF at that time. Those bomber crews had to do what they had to do. The end justified the means.

    Similarly: Our country was taken into a super-national union by traitors who lied to bring this about. Had the Leave campaign told the truth, the Remain side would have won. That was something no true patriot could allow to happen. That is why it was right to do what we did.
    The End justifies the Means.
    Our problem is this: There are thousands and thousands of good honest UKIP members across the length and breadth of the UK who did not lie when they were promulgating the Leave campaign propaganda. This is because they honestly and sincerely believed what they were telling their fellow citizens. The trouble is that these good folk still believe it and think that the UK can carry out a “Hard Brexit” and go to WTO default immediately upon leaving the EU and some even believe this can be done by unilaterally repealing the European Communities Act of 1972.
    This is nonsense! It is fantasy politics! It is impossible!
    We repeat: There is only ONE way in which the UK can leave the EU without wrecking it’s economy and probably that of the Irish Republic’s as well. And that is by adopting Flexcit drawn up by Doctor Richard North and others.
    Here is the irony: Were UKIP able to persuade or influence to a sufficient degree a situation where a “Hard Brexit” came about, it would have grasped the most crushing defeat in recent history from the jaws of victory!
    Now we understand that you might not like this but get used to it. This is something you just have to suck up!

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