• Continuing the fight: “Save the Single Market” campaign.


    Campaigners Peter Wilding and Adrian Yalland who have set up the “Save the Single Market” campaign (https://savethesingle.market/) have failed in their High Court challenge to force another vote in Parliament vis-à-vis leaving the EEA.

    Unfortunately this was doomed to failure as the UK holds it’s EEA membership by being a member of the EU. Much in the same way the State of California is a member of the UNO by due to it being a state of the union if the USA.
    Herewith the Indy’s take on this: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-legal-challenge-blocked-by-high-court-new-fresh-single-market-a7560976.html

    A British Gazette request: We would ask all our readers to sign the “Save the Single Market” campaign by going onto the campaign’s link at the top of the article. It will send teh following email to your MP:

    Dear [Your MP],
    Now is the time for Parliament to ensure the government secures our access to the biggest economic bloc in the world.
    At a time when we need to reunite the nation, staying in the Single Market is backed by a majority of Leave and Remain voters. 57% of all voters and 42% of Leave voters think we should Save the Single Market and consider a ‘Norway style’ relationship with the EU. In another poll, 66% of voters said that the Single Market should be the top priority for the government when negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
    There are huge opportunities internationally for the UK. We can do trade deals with Canada, India and Japan while maintaining our trading links with Europe to protect existing jobs and ensure economic stability.
    Saving the Single Market will guarantee opportunities for young people that previous generations had whilst ensuring that decisions that affect us are taken here in the UK.
    I am asking you, my elected representative, to publicly commit to ensuring the UK retains its place in the Single Market.
    Yours sincerely,
    [Your name]

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