• A ticket to nowhere: We agree with Alastair.


    Now this organ is not a broadcast music repository, but we would like to dedicate the above to The Right Honourable Theresa Mary May, PC, MP. Given the recent publication she’s put her name to it’s seems an appropriate response.
    Many British Gazette readers will loathe this but your Editor shared a couple of things with Alastair. Firstly, we are both sons of the West Riding, he being born in Keighley in 1957 and your Editor, Leeds in 1955. Furthermore we will both agree that Burnley in Lancashire was noted for (and might still be) for the large number of “Chippies” (take-away fish and chip establishments) and the quality. This was because Alastair was one of those few Yorkshire men who supported Burnley F.C. and your Editor used to travel to Burnley on business.
    It now appears we have a third thing in common: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/no-theresa-may-65-million-us-are-not-behind-you-brexit-1604728
    Alastair has seen fit to put finger to keyboard and produce the above article. Whilst we do not agree with all of it, we most certainly agree with this:

    “Even accepting that the Brexit White Paper (sic) was an amateurish, detail-light, intellectually vacuous, cobbled together version of Theresa May’s historic (sic) Lancaster House speech, it defies belief that any self-respecting Prime Minister, minister or civil servant would allow it to go out in the name of Her Majesty’s Government.”

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