• Stoke on Trent – Jeremy Corbyn: A man of sorrows.


    Today, Thursday 23rd February 2017 the thoughts of most Ukippers will be directed towards Stoke on Trent and the by election. With good reason.

    There are three things we can be certain about insofar as the result is concerned.

    1. Mr Nuttall will become Stoke Central’s next MP with the second placed candidate being
    the unpleasant Mr Snell.
    2. The unpleasant Mr Snell will become Stoke Central’s next MP with the second placed candidate being Mr Nuttall.
    3. Whatever the result, UKIP will NOT loose their deposit!

    If event #1 takes place the effects of the results will spread far beyond Stoke’s boundaries. They will greatly assist the campaigns of a certain Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. The lift to Ms Le Pen’s campaign will either be enhanced or set back by the success or lack thereof of Wilders.

    Notwithstanding this, we at the BG cannot see Ms Le Pen winning the French presidency. This requires 50% + 1 of the votes cast in the second round and the votes just aren’t there.

    Notwithstanding this, there is no doubt whatsoever that what is known as “the European Project” has been damaged.

    It is the nature of this European Project that is of course the reason for Comrade Corbyn’s sorrows.

    Comrade Corbyn is a democratic socialist. He is a man who genuinely wants to see the lot and life opportunities of ordinary people improved. Yet he is a man who finds himself leading a party shackled to the idea that the European Project can deliver the goods.

    The sad FACT however is that the EU could (if it survives) only deliver some of the goods. This is because of globalisation.

    Here is another FACT: the EU actually has acted as something of a brake on the process of globalisation.

    Here is another FACT: President Trump wants to mitigate the effects of globalisation insofar as US workers are concerned.
    Insofar as the UK’s membership of the EU is concerned the EU presents TWO fundamental problems to which the ONLY solution is Brexit. They are:
    1. That UK membership of the EU is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful.
    2. That democratic accountability is greatly reduced.

    For these Europhiles who suggest that the constitutional argument is redundant we suggest that if they own a residential property they put out to let they should see what happens if they knowingly let their property to a couple of “working girls” for use as a brothel! What will happen is this:
    The brothel will eventually be reported to the police. The police will raid it. The owner will be arrested, charged and convicted of knowingly allowing a brothel to be operated on his premises. The owner will likely be given a suspended prison sentence and a community order. The owners biggest problem will however be a huge sequestration order under the draconian POCA! This will take away ALL and more of the money they received from the tenants!
    The law is the law. You might not agree with it but until it changes, it is the law.
    The problem with globalisation is that it’s supporters demand the free movement of capital, the free movement of goods and services produced and the free movement of labour. This is because the multi-national businesses that profit from it are always on the lookout for the lowest labour costs and the lowest taxation rates.

    They are also enthusiastically supporting the development of robots. Robots have great advantages (for the multi-national) over human workers:
    1. They do not require wages!
    2. They do not require rest.
    3. they do not require food – only electricity!

    Huge amounts have been invested in robots and the YouTube video released today shows that such amounts are bringing forth results:Comrade Corbyn and his French counterpart Benoit Hamon both want some of the profits from the use of robots to go towards improving the lives of those whose employment has been displaced by the machines. This is not an unreasonable demand. The multi-nationals will however not want to meet it!

    It is curious is it not. Human beings are so intelligent they have the capacity of developing their own successors thus consigning themselves to the possibility of extinction!

    We will leave the last word to the cat below:So you think you’re really that smart?

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