• Brexit: It might be even worse than we thought!


    Clockwise; Graham Hitchins Head of Infrastructure (Karl Theobald), Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes), Head of Brand, Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), Head of Deliverance of the Brexit Deliverance Commission, Sally Owen (Olivia Colman) PA to Ian Fletcher, Kay Hope (Amelia Bullmore) Head of Sustainability and Nick Jowett (Vincent Franklin) Head of Contracts. Boris Johnson outside!

    Could these be the folks in charge of Brexit? Judging from the results, it appears likely!

    It must be said that Doctor Richard North and his EUReferendum blog is a powerful and vitally necessary resource which sadly, APPEARS to be taken little notice of by those in positions of authority vis-à-vis the Brexit process.

    We have capitalised the word “appears” due to our hope (against mounting evidence to the contrary) that those in positions of authority are in fact FULLY COGNISANT of the situation and are working on “the Transitional Arrangement” that to all intents and purposes is Flexcit (EFTA+EEA) post Brexit.

    Today, Dr. North has shown in frightening detail that the UK’s “back office” systems that do vast amounts of work processing the trade between the UK, the EU and the world have been for some time inadequate (to the task at hand whilst an EU member) and are set to be overwhelmed completely in the case of a Brexit other than Flexcit.

    NB: We are not referring just to a chaotic “Hard Brexit” – i.e.; leaving without a deal. This is because there appears to be insufficient time to put a new system in place capable of dealing with the situation post Brexit, even in the unlikely event of a successful deal being negotiated, agreed and ratified all within the 2 year Article 50 time-scale.

    It almost seems that the characters in the BBC TV “mockumentary” are in charge!
    Below, the relevant blog post by Dr. North:

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