• The pantomime continues: Dame Sturgeon enters stage left to be followed by Dame May stage right.


    Stage Left:
    Stage Right:

    It is difficult to where to begin,
    To describe the frustration that lies within,
    That all the world may be a stage,
    And that all the folk be merely players;
    That have their exits and their entrances,
    But it lies with the cursed Cyclops,
    To know when all will die.
    Including him.

    Apologies to William Shakespeare and the poet Hesiod.

    Yesterday the Great Dame of Scotland declared her intention to give the Scots another chance to vote for independence. Albeit in a curious form: to be governed from Brussels and not Westminster!

    Her perorations were quickly countered by the Great Dame May of Maidenhead who declared that the Scots Dame was playing politics!
    British Gazette comment: And she isn’t???????
    The Great Dame of Scotland is of course well advised to be concerned at the prospect of a “Hard Brexit”. We are all living in the most curious of times. Also yesterday, the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation had Lord Mandelson in from of one of it’s cameras and His Lordship remarked that a “Hard Brexit” would cause many problems, understating the severity of same in so doing.

    Of course in a pantomime the “stars” are not alone on stage. There are others, minor players, often in the chorus line. Two of these are Matt Ridley and Shanker Singham. Mr Ridley – supported by Mr Singham – has been wittering on how there is nothing to fear about the UK exiting the EU without a deal.
    GOTO: https://behindthepaywallblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/deal-or-no-eu-deal-britain-has-little-to-fear/
    As it is Lent, we would refer Mr Ridley to Luke 4 verses 9-13 when the Devil tempts Jesus to throw himself off a cliff to be caught by angels. The lesson (v 13) to all – including Messers. Ridley & Singham – is that if the UK jumps off the cliff, it is wrong to think it will be caught and saved!

    However, we must all live in hope that disaster will not happen. Notwithstanding the efforts of Messers. Ridley & Singham to bring it about!

    Were Messers. Ridley & Singham successful in achieving their desired “Hard Brexit” the UK may well be saved by “angels” but these would be from the EU and not the Kingdom of Heaven! Their price for rescuing the UK from the self inflicted chaos and disruption? Membership of the EU and also the Eurozone!
    There would be some justification for this: Since the UK had clearly demonstrated that it was no longer capable of governing itself, it would henceforth be for Brussels to govern it!

    The British Gazette however is still hoping for a more optimistic outcome!

    Let us hope that the two Great Dames and their fellow actors are engaged on a complicated Dance of the Seven Veils where eventually all is revealed and the UK ends up in EFTA and the EEA – on the basis of course of a “transitional arrangement!

    Of course, we cannot eliminate the risk that the Great Dame May of Maidenhead is unknowingly engaged in a Danse Macabre. If so, to quote from der Vierzeiliger oberdeutscher Totentanz:

    Wer war der Tor, wer der Weise[r], (Who was the fool, who the wise [man],)
    Wer der Bettler oder Kaiser? (who the beggar or the Emperor?)
    Ob arm, ob reich, im Tode gleich. (Whether rich or poor, [all are] equal in death.)

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