• Signs of the times.


    Above: England in the 21st Century.

    Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick, known as the “Apostle of Ireland”, was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. He was probably born in the north of what is now England. Earlier on the 5th we in Cornwall celebrated St. Piran’s Day. St. Piran was a Christian missionary who was said to have been blown across the Irish Sea in a coracle to Cornwall from Ireland and after landing on the north Cornish coast, spread the Christian Gospel. On the 1st there was of course St. David’s Day.

    These men lived a very long time ago. There have been vast changes since those times. For centuries after these men, Christianity was the dominant and then state religion. Officially, it still is. However those in power are most unwilling to admit this, for fear of giving offence and appearing discriminatory.

    The image of the two burqa clad women with Tower Bridge in the background illustrates the change and also that a rapidly growing, assertive and proselytising religion has firmly taken root in these islands.

    The wearing of the burqa has become a highly contentious issue. This article of clothing is said to be a part of the wearer’s expression of their religion. In this it is likened to a Christian wearing a crucifix.

    Although a woman wearing a burqa might think this, this is not in fact the case. A burqa is also and many would say this is it’s purpose, is to ensure that the woman is modestly dressed in public. It is a custom with many Muslims that a woman will only remove the burqa when she is in the family home and can be viewed by her family.

    Thus the widely accepted reason for the burqa is to preserve a woman’s modesty.

    This however is historically incorrect!

    The reason for the burqa has everything to do with the people it was designed and intended to cover and everything where these people were living at the time of it’s [the burqa's] invention. This is because it was designed to be worn by woman who were living in the Arabian desert.

    Now, before the police arrive at my door following complaints from the politically correct let us point out four FACTS.

    This is of course something the British Gazette does regularly and thus infuriates the politically correct who do not want us to make known facts that get in the way of their own prejudices.

    FACT #1. Sunlight ages skin.
    FACT #2. A woman’s skin is different from a man’s. GOTO: http://www.dermalinstitute.com/uk/library/17_article_Is_a_Man_s_Skin_Really_Different_.html
    FACT #3. The sun is much stronger in the Arabian desert than in London.

    Now we come to the most politically incorrect FACT #4: The burqa was designed to protect a woman’s skin to preserve her youthful looks.

    Now all your Editor has to do is to wait for the police to arrive to question me on suspicion of committing a public order offence!

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