• A message to the Remoaners by Pat Condell.


    British Gazette comment: As many British Gazette readers will know, Mr Condell is a man of very strong opinions put across in a particularly acerbic way! He has a very large following on the internet and is particularly popular with UKIP members. Shortly after Mr Condell publishes another of his orations on You Tube, we receive numerous emails with links to the particular video. Just look at his viewing figures. Like it or not, it can reasonably be said that Mr Condell speaks for many and large numbers of people are rooting for; “Brexit; the harder the better!”

    Insofar as his latest broadcast is concerned, we agree with much of what he says but at the same time, disagree with much of what he says.

    We agree with him insofar as the contempt and disregard many of the progressive ruling elite view many Brexiteers.

    A supreme example of these is the very grand Emily Thornberry. She being the one who looks down on “white van man”, especially those hanging the English flag from the upper windows of their houses! It is of course not only the Brexit issue that such as Ms Thornberry look down and despise such as Mr Condell. There are the questions of “immigration” and “multiculturalism”.

    Where we disagree with Mr Condell is on the issue of the complexity/simplicity of the Brexit issue.

    Brexit is not just an issue of “taking back control”. It is also about maintaining prosperity. This is because the UK is a democratic state and in a democracy a government has to take the public with them and not impose it’s writ by authoritarian decree.

    We will illustrate it by way of an analogy. For the UK, imagine Britannia standing in her robes with shield and spear. For the EU imagine a briar patch. This briar patch has been growing since new Year’s Day 1973 and had covered Britannia up to her neck. The briar patch and grown to several yards in all directions around her. What Mr Condell (and others calling for a “Hard Brexit”) are suggesting is that Britannia walks steadfastly forward and to push through the briar patch with brute force. The reader can imagine the injuries the woman will suffer were she to do this.

    What such as Mr Christopher Booker and Dr. Richard North are calling for is a steady planned approach with a pair of secateurs to carefully cut away the briar in contact with her skin and then to carefully cut a path way through the patch.
    They do not see EFTA+EEA as a permanent solution but as a first step.

    Tragically it appears that Madam May is not adopting that strategy and as a result, Britannia will either suffer great injury or will be asked to stay where she is in the briar patch!

    • My considered response to Pat Condell’s angry Brexit video.

      Wonder if he’ll reply? ….


    • Thornberry is treated too kindly by our so called unbiased press and media.

      I heard her the other day saying people like David Davis and Liam Fox were advocating Leave and a form of Brexit that will cost other people money somehow, but not people like them!!

      A bit rich (literally) coming form somebody who does very nicely on an MP’s salary and is married to a High Court Judge; she will really feel any “pinch” but the interviewer lets her get away with it.

      She sent her child to a school other than a comprehensive – that she rams down anybody else’s throat.

      The hypocrisy!

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