• Et voilà! Hareng fumé en croûte!


    It was our idiot Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson who coined the term “kippers” to describe members of UKIP. He used it to suggest that UKIP would be “kippered” by the Tories!

    What has become painfully clear since Article 50 was invoked by Madam Mayhem is that it is he, Buffoon Boris together with his colleagues Disastrous David and Loony Liam and by extension this country, have been kippered, which as slang, Collins dictionary defines as being “utterly defeated or outwitted”.

    Of course, what should occur in a normal well functioning democratic country with a press that was “on the ball” would be that such incompetence would be ruthlessly exposed and taken apart. But alas! This is not the case.

    This is evidenced by the pathetic attempt at a news story by Sky News. GOTO: http://news.sky.com/story/no-signed-future-brexit-deal-within-two-years-says-theresa-may-10824347
    The report confirms that the UK will exit the EU without an agreement and will only be able to negotiate “a free trade agreement” once it has left. This will cause the UK to be a third country.NB: The Sky News team cannot even get the nomenclature right! Readers will see the reference to “third party” – obviously the poor cretins first thoughts reference their own car insurance!

    What this means of course is that the ONLY thing separating the UK from the absolute chaos of a Hard Brexit will be the complaisance of the EU which will agree to extend the treaties to cover the UK in the interregnum – FOR A PRICE!

    Of course the spin doctors in Brussels and Whitehall will refer to this state of purgatory as either a “transitional arrangement” or an “implementation stage”. Of course, some witt in Brussels may dream up a new (to them!) phrase: “Mesures spéciales” (Special Measures)!

    Of course, there was no need to go all the way to Saudi Arabia and interview Madam Mayhem. The story could have been written up referring to the EU draft guidelines.
    GOTO: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/31_03_17_eu_draft_guidelines.pdf
    Of course, another good source for informed comment and information is to be found at: http://eureferendum.com/
    Or the British Gazette!

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