• Dr. Helen Szamuely: Spared further suffering.


    We are sure that British Gazette readers will greet with sadness the death of Dr. Helen Szamuely that occurred yesterday.

    Dr Szamuely was Head of Research at The Bruges Group and author of “The EU Version of Democracy; and what the new treaty will mean to Britain. She was also at one time a co-blogger with Dr. Richard North on the EU Referendum, blog.

    In departing this life, Dr Szamuely has left behind the moral cares and concerns of this world.

    Above is a video of Dr. Szamuley on good form.

    Yesterday on the day she died another significant member of the EuroRealist brigade came to the attention of the media. This was Mr Nigel Farage who in the EU Parliament had the audacity to liken the EU to MafiaThis was classic Nigel!

    Performances like this were of course the performances that won the EU Referendum in June 2016. The FACT is that the EU referendum was not just won with the efforts made during the campaign but also before it. When the referendum campaign started there was already a base of support [for Brexit] that had been built up.

    This “base” had been built up by the medium that Dr Szamuley referred to in her speech. The internet. She pointed out that the growth of the internet had brought about a form of news and views distribution that was not controlled by the traditional mainstream media. It is this mass diversified and uncontrollable new medium – that was unavailable when Harold Wilson called the first referendum on the issue of Europe – that was a key ingredient in the Leave campaign’s success.

    There is however a tragedy that lies in this success. One that happily Dr Szamuley will be spared from suffering: The failure of Brexit.

    At the time of her election (by the Tory Party – not the British People!) as Prime Minister, Madam Mayhem now famously declared, “Brexit means Brexit”.It is with great sadness that your Editor has to report that this famous peroration will in future become as invidious a spectacle as a former Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain at Heston Aerodrome in September 1938Brexit wil fail because, to coin another phrase, “Impossible means impossible!

    This was, is and will be the tragedy of the Leave campaign. That the objectives outlined will be impossible to achieve in any time frame talked about.

    We know this organ is a broken gramophone record but the ONLY doable. Practical Brexit strategy WAS Flexcit, aka “the Norway Option” aka EFTA+EEA.
    Note the past tense.
    This organ was hoping (and forlornly now still hopes) that at some point Madam Mayhem would spin her way to the Flexcit option. But alas that does not appear to be the case.

    The European Union negotiators have been handed a huge gift. It has come from an unusual source: None other than Mr Farage himself!

    Whether through Machiavellian intent or sheer stupidity, Madam Mayhem will attempt to negotiate along the impossible lines that Mr Farage and Mr Nuttall wish. This organ pointed out that far from being in a strong negotiating position, the UK was in an incredibly weak negotiating position. This is a FACT which will become increasingly apparent as time goes on. This is because the purgatory AKA Transitional Arrangement ? AKA Implementation Stage ? AKA Special Measures ? – that the UK will be forced to undergo will be as politically damaging to Madam Mayhem’s administration as the Suez débâcle was to Anthony Eden’s.

    If Madam Mayhem not being Machiavellian but is being stupid, as the spectacle of the disaster begins to unfold before her she will doubtless try and “head off” electoral disaster (for the Tories) “at the pass” and see to it that the deal will be put to the people in the form of a second referendum.
    It is now virtually inevitable that Madam Mayhem will have to eat some of her words uttered in the video above. There WILL BE a second referendum! It is no longer a case of IF but WHEN!
    Unfortunately for Madam Mayhem and her fellow Tories she will be reminded that there are absolutely NO free lunches in Brussels!

    This is because the European Commission has already made it clear that Article 50 is revocable by the UK – BUT SUBJECT THE APPROVAL OF THE 27 EU MEMBER STATES!
    Anybody who believes that the EU will allow COST FREE reversal of Article 50 is living in cloud cuckoo land!

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