• Pouring oil on troubled waters.


    Above a video of the launch of BGM-109 Tomahawk SSMs from the forward 32 cell Mk41 VLS from a Burke DDG involved in the latest use of USN sea power this time against Syria.

    The Right Honourable, Sir Michael Fallon, PC, KCB, MP deigned to make an appearance on the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation this morning. He was asked specifically by the presenter Mr Stayt if he had seen any incontrovertible proof of guilt in the Syria chemical attack. Typically he either would not, or could not answer the question but waffled. Typically, Mr Stayt let him get away with it!

    However, the British Broadcasting Corporation allowed Mr Peter Ford, ex UK ambassador to Syria, who has since said to have become a supporter of the Assad regime was on the BBC decrying the assumption of Assad’s responsibility.

    The strap line of this organ is “Speaking the Truth unto the Nation”. Of course, to do this we need to be able to identify what is true and what is not true! Since much of the information surrounding the use of sarin gas in Syria is highly classified then this organ along with the mainstream media is limited!

    There are certain OBSERVATIONS we can make however: Given that the evidence for the origin of the attack is flimsy, and the motive is lacking, whilst the motive for alternative option is very clear. Why would Assad strike one day before the meeting of world leaders to effectively give Assad what he wants. The US (and of it’s client state the UK) response very much chimes with the continued foreign policy support to Saudi Arabia, Assad’s enemy.

    The sad and deeply depressing FACT is that the existence of the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_reserves_in_Saudi_Arabia) have, are and will continue to exercise a baleful influence over western politics.

    Recently, Madam Mayhem went to call upon the U.K.’s most important defence customer. Herewith another FACT: The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the UK is very important to both and Saudi Arabia exercises a considerable influence over British politics and British society.

    The source of this influence is of course the vast amount of money the Saudis have to spend. The source of this money is of course oil.

    Senator Chris Murphy said Pakistan is the best example of where money coming from Saudi Arabia is funnelled to religious schools that nurture hatred and terrorism.

    British politicians are of course very guarded and restrained in their comments. US politicians are far less constrained. For example, Senator Chris Murphy, the junior United States Senator from Connecticut, in office since 2013 stated: “In 1956, there were 244 madrassas in Pakistan. Today, there are 24,000. These schools are multiplying all over the globe. These schools, by and large, don’t teach violence. They aren’t the minor leagues for al-Qaeda or ISIS. But they do teach a version of Islam that leads very nicely into an anti-Shia, anti-Western militancy.”

    Since the oil price boom of the 1970s, Saudi Arabia has been financing the construction of and the running of mosques, schools and the training of imams to cater for the UK’s growing Muslim population. This expenditure in the UK has also been matched by similar expenditure in Europe.

    This situation would not have become so dangerous as it now is had the Saudi money been directed towards the adoption of a form of Islam that predominates in Bosnia and not the ultra conservative medieval form that is Wahhabism.
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahhabism
    The House of Saud however has it seems not limited it’s vision to promoting Wahhabism to British citizens who originate from Pakistan. They have looked to promote Islamic immigration into Europe. They have of course been assisted by those they might describe privately as “useful idiots” or maybe more appropriately “nützliche idioten” or as they might say in Sweden, “nyttiga idioter” ?

    British Gazette readers will be depressingly familiar with the concept of a “beneficial crisis”. This because the European Union has used such to advance it’s aims. It is naïve however to believe that this strategy is unknown elsewhere and has not been employed!

    One of the outcomes of what the euphemistically challenged like to call “regional conflicts” such as the civil strife and civil wars in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Iraq Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen is a flood of refugees (mostly Muslim) to Europe.

    The FACT is that the cultural/ethnic/religious demographic mix of Europe’s population is changing. This change however is not taking place across the entire continent. Only parts of it. Essentially that part of Europe that is described as “Western Europe” is experiencing this demographic change. That part of Europe that used to be described as the “Warsaw Pact” is not. Indeed several governments have openly stated that the do not want Muslim immigrants as they deem their Muslim faith to be not compatible with the established culture.

    Politicians in Western Europe described as mainstream would not dream of making such a statement. Such statements are the preserve of such as Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Paul Golding!

    The House of Saud therefore may be feeling somewhat satisfied to see the fruit of their labours take shape. The House of Saud have taken a long term view about this. Long term means that they are prepared to make compromises where and when necessary. A widely publicised example which went without much notice in the UK was the attire of Madam Mayhem in Saudi Arabia when she met members of the Saudi Royal family.As the reader can see from the above image, Madam Mayhem was bare headed.
    The mainstream British media did report that this was done against Foreign Office advice. This was of course complete bullshit!
    FACT: Such visits are discussed and agreed down to the tiniest detail!
    It is inconceivable that Madam Mayhew’s appearance and attire was not discussed and agreed with the Saudis beforehand! The Saudis will have relaxed their rules because of the realisation that had Madam Mayhew had appeared with her hair suitably covered by a headscarf they would have been a huge reaction and those authorities the Saudis take notice of such as the Bradford Council of Mosques would have urged that Madam Mayhem be allowed to walk around and meet and greet Saudi leaders bareheaded to avoid a bad reaction against local Muslims in Bradford and elsewhere.

    However, in spreading this ultra-conservative form of medievalism, the House of Saud appears to have sown the seeds of it’s ultimate destruction this is because “IS” or to give it it’s full name “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (Isil) has vowed to topple the Saudi regimes, viewing it as a corrupt outpost of decadence and sin.

    This is why the House of Saud is beginning to privatise Aramco.
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saudi_Aramco
    If the House of Saud get overthrown they will be looking to seek refuge in Europe (probably the UK) and their part shareholding in Aramco will help provide them with the necessary money to afford a suitably affluent lifestyle!

    It is likely that ultimately Aramco will be listed on three stock exchanges, Frankfurt with € stocks, London with £ stocks and New York with $ stocks. It might well end up being domiciled in Bermuda but with it’s head office in London.

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