• Brexit: You have been duped!


    In his post of today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86439), “Brexit: the ultimate delusion” Dr Richard North again describes the dire straits the UK is in vis-à-vis it’s supposed Brexit.

    Whilst we would reiterate nearly all of what Dr. North has stated, there is for nearly all Ukippers the pressing need of two things:
    1. Self realisation.
    2. Desire to “do something about it”!

    For Ukippers – especially those who took an active part in the referendum campaign back in 2016 – the tough FACT that they have to come to terms with is that they in their campaigning were duping those voters who voted Leave by dint of the representations, written and spoken they were making.

    Now, for 99.99% of Ukippers they were entirely innocent of any dishonesty or malfeasance. This is because they honestly and genuinely believed what they said and what was contained in the literature the were handing out at street stalls and pushing through letterboxes. This complete innocence however does not change the FACT that the statements were factually wrong.

    Were this the only problem, it would be bad enough, but it gets worse!

    This is because it is now clear that Madam Mayhem has decided to take advantage of this duping and dupe the Leave campaigners by seeking to either to 1. remain in the EU or, 2 have the UK held in a semi-permanent state of vassalage to the EU or, 3. leave the EU under ruinous terms with the likely prospect of rejoining the EU and joining the Eurozone!

    We need hardly point out to our largely patriotic readership that these actions on the part of Madam Mayhew are illegal for by doing this she breaks her Privy Council Oath and causes Her Majesty the Queen to continue to be placed in breach of Her Coronation Oath to govern us according to our laws and customs and not those of the EU!
    In our article of Thursday 30th March (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/03/30/brexit-entering-purgatory/) we described this state of semi permanent vassalage as purgatory.
    Judge for yourselves:

    This will be your choice:

    1. Vote in a second referendum to revoke Article 50 by (i). Repealing the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 (c. 9) and (ii). Awaiting the European Council and European Parliament to agree to accept the aid revocation.

    2. Vote in a second referendum NOT to revoke Article 50 repeal the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 (c. 9) and instead to accept a state of semi permanent vassalage AKA purgatory, whilst a comprehensive agreement is finalised – which could take many years. During this time the UK will be outside the EU but effectively governed by it without ANY form of representation or influence in the decision making process! This will effectively place the UK into essentially the same relationship it had with India before 1947 the difference being that it will be the UK that will be the suzerain power and the EU that will be the Imperial power!

    Of course, IF UKIP does not change course they will be suggesting that the voters vote for #2 on the basis that the ultimate deal will be a good one!
    In the world of real politic this position would be unsustainable!


    What should UKIP do about it?

    Well let us consider the consequences of doing nothing which for UKIP means continuing to say what they are saying now.

    These will be either:
    1. Remaining in the EU by revoking Article 50 and not achieving Brexit.
    2. Achieving Brexit and becoming a vassal of the EU until the UK accepts a trade deal inferior to what it had as an EU member.
    3. Achieving Brexit and becoming a vassal of the EU until a future UK government negotiates re-entry into the EU which will mean entry into the Eurozone.
    Be under no misunderstanding. These are the three choices!
    Thus it surely MUST be the case that UKIP must realise it was wrong not to consider Flexcit authored by Dr. Richard North and others and to now urge that Flexcit should be adopted.

    UKIP could state that what it seeks long term reform of the EEA into something that would resemble what it campaigned for in 2016 but that this could and would not be achieved for some time.

    So here is that Hard Truth: Flexcit may not be your cup of tea. But ask yourself this: Is it not better than the three invidious choices above?

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