• No Brexit: The absence of preparation says it all.


    A question for you Dear Reader: Would you by a used car from Arthur Daley (above) – if he existed?

    IF upon Brexit chaos occurs, no doubt Mr Tusk may use the well known quip: “A lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine!”

    In his post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86441), Dr Richard North states:

    “There are times when one could almost think that the legislation we are warning about is a figment of the imagination – that border control posts and all the rest don’t really exist. They are certainly invisible to the media, most politicians and the food and farming industries. Official secrets are not guarded as effectively as details on BCPs.

    That this is the case is quite extraordinary. The implications of the system applying to the UK as a whole – not just Northern Ireland – are profound, yet no one wants to talk about it.”
    British Gazette comment: There is an understandable tendency – of which this organ is as guilty as any – to ascribe the title of “Fool” to our elected leaders due to their actions that appear to be foolish.

    But this reaction does not take into account one overriding FACT: governments DO NOT TELL ALL!
    One of the most outrageous examples of government bullshit is the phrase, “Open Government”!
    There is of course NO SUCH THING! It is naïve to believe otherwise!

    What there is is government decides to publish that which it deems not prejudicial (to an uncomfortable degree) their and/or the country’s interest.

    Therefore let us consider what HAS happened before we consider what MIGHT happen.

    The government of David Chameleon made NO PLANS should the British People vote the way they did on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

    A MAJORITY of MPs – including Madam Mayhem – campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU.

    Following the vote, the government did not immediately invoke Article 50 as it said it would but instead “played for time”. Clearly they were assessing the situation.

    There actions since demonstrate ONE of TWO possibilities:

    The first possibility: That Madam Mayhem and her government are the greatest collection of incompetent imbeciles who are committed in the greatest folly since the Egyptian Pharaoh on seeing the Red Sea part and the Israelites crossing the dry path the Almighty had made for them said to his troops; “OK then boys. Let’s follow them!” Or words to that effect.

    The evidence for this?

    They are pursuing demands that will not be met. These demands of course are contained in the Leave campaign’s statements. Therefore Madam Mayhem’s government can state that they are seeking to implement that which UKIP among others were calling for!

    Thus the Unfortunate Nuttall and UKIP have effectively been sidelined! Along with of course the back bench Tory MP’s such as Messrs. Redwood and Rees-Mogg.

    These well intentioned patriots will however not be happy when reality strikes.

    Reality WILL strike as the demands they campaigned for are IMPOSSIBLE to achieve! And it is a truism that if something is impossible, it is!

    The second possibility: That Madam Mayhem and her government are NOT imbeciles and have NO PERMAMENT PLANS to leave the EU!

    The evidence for this?

    The LACK of adverse consequences so far. By this we mean no significant divestment by foreign firms and investors from the UK. The major Japanese and German car manufacturers who have enormous investments in the UK are NOT panicking – yet. The financial and stock markets are also seemingly NOT panicking – yet.

    Thus the British Gazette is now quite confident that the UK will either:

    - Brexit into a state of purgatory during what the EU are describing as “the transition” or as Madam Mayhem describes as the “implementation stage”.

    - Abandon Brexit after revoking Article 50 by repealing the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 c. 9 following a second referendum where the British People have voted to remain in the EU.

    Of these two possibilities the first is more dangerous as it brings with it the likelihood of a future government seeking to abandon the state of purgatory and rejoin the EU which would mean joining the Eurozone!

    In other words, we are well and truly, up the creek!

    This well known phrase refers to Haslar Creek in Portsmouth harbour, a ’salt’ creek. Wounded sailors during the time of the Napoleonic wars, were taken there to be transported to the Royal Naval Hospital in Haslar to die or recover. They were held prisoner so that they would not desert while being treated, and some tried to escape by going through the sewers to the creek (the origin of ‘up shit creek’). Without a paddle this would be hopeless, hence the phrase ‘up the creek (without a paddle)’ to mean being trapped, stuck or in trouble. Herewith a short video taken from a drone of Haslar Creek:

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