• This is NOT the way to treat the voters!


    In his excellent post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86460), Dr. North sounds a note of despair at the seeming irrationality being practised by the mendacious coterie who style themselves as Her Majesty Government!
    With much justification!
    However, your Editor wishes to assume again the role expressed in song by Nellie in South Pacific, that of a “Cockeyed Optimist” and puts forward the suggestion that the strategy being pursued has everything to do with Madam Mayhem’s attempt to secure a comfortable Tory majority on the 9th May and very little to do with negotiating Brexit with the EU!

    Assuming Madam Mayhem is successful, hopefully she will begin to “change tack” and begin to pursue a realistic negotiating strategy. What that strategy is if course is open to question!

    IF Madam Mayhem is true to her words that “Brexit means Brexit” then there is only ONE course she can pursue: Flexcit, aka EFTA+EEA aka “the Norway Option”!

    IF she is pursuing another course then the destination will be far worse. This organ has of course repeatedly written on this. Herewith three recent articles:
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/04/14/brexit-is-it-a-game-of-chess/
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/04/12/no-brexit-the-absence-of-preparation-says-it-all/
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/04/10/brexit-you-have-been-duped/

    IF however, Dr. North’s worst fears are confirmed, the voters are going to be ill served by the government. As is always the case, those who will suffer the most will be the poor, the sick and the old.

    Our friend Dear old Comrade Corbyn has coined a most excellent phrase. He aspires to the office of Prime Minister because he wishes to lead a government that governs for the many and not the few. It MUST be pointed out that if Dr North’s fears expressed in his post today are confirmed and Madam Mayhem pursues a disastrous course after she succeeds in her quest to remain Prime Minister, Comrade Corbyn’s words will turn out to be very true. But in Madam Mayhem’s case, “the few” (who gain and don’t loose [much]) will constitute a very small number indeed!

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