• Stupid or not stupid? That is the question.


    Yes we know! Meteor Crater is a meteorite impact crater not a meteor crater of which there are none as the tiny meteors (shooting stars) burn up during entry.

    Dr. Richard North opines in his bog post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86462), that “Madam Mayhem” – to whom our belated attribution to unnamed who coined the soubriquet is served – appears to be acting as a “blood stupid woman”.

    However, here is a question (Answers not on a postcard please!):

    Should we be looking at the situation in the UK through the lens of the general election campaign? Maybe Brussels is not the intended audience for this stupidity? Maybe it is us! The UK voters!

    It could be that “Madam” has set herself two overriding objectives:

    1. Get the best possible result (for the Tories) on Thursday 4th May.

    2. Get the best possible result (for the Tories) on Thursday 6th June.

    Everything else comes a poor third!

    “Madam” campaigned on the Remain side after all.

    Should we begin using the soubriquet “Madam Maybe?”

    It is to be truly hoped so for if as Dr. North fears, she is not playing to the British public gallery but to coin a modern phrase from over the pond, “this is for real” – then we are truly heading in the direction of Haslar Creek, Portsmouth Harbour (aka Shit Creek).

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