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    Above, the famous Fistral Beach in Newquay Cornwall with the nearly as famous Headland Hotel in the background.

    The columnist and writer for the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland has written a mournful account for Labour’s prospects this June. He laments that under the leadership of Comrade Corbyn (known at Tory Central Office as Theresa’s Little Helper!) Labour is heading for a pummelling.
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    The deeply unhappy Mr Freeland is probably correct. Of course, we cannot tell the future. Only make educated guesses. But at the end of the day, they are guesses – however educated the guesser!

    Things can happen. But working on the basis they don’t, then Mr Freeland’s fears are likely to come about. In his piece, Mr Freeland makes a telling observation about the local election results of the 4th May when he states:

    “UKIP voters transferred en masse to the Tories, reassured that Theresa May will give them the hard Brexit they want. Some of those Ukippers had once been Labour voters, with UKIP serving as the gateway to Conservatism.”
    In his blog post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86465) Dr. North states of UKIP:
    “The dynamics are such that the activities of UKIP have had a real and measurable effect on the electoral prospects of the Conservatives, effectively by acting as the party’s “Jiminy Cricket” conscience.”

    Dr. North goes on to state:

    “By 2022, we can assume that – after the expected collapse of the Labour Party in this general election – Corbyn will be long gone. The party will have had five years to stage a Blair-like revival. It will therefore, we trust, be in a position to mount a credible electoral challenge.

    And while Mrs May and her troops are riding high at the moment, a failure to manage the Brexit process could (and most likely will) have a devastating effect on the country. With the blame laid at Mrs May’s door, this could ensure her defeat in the 2022 general election and the Conservatives out of office for a generation.”

    The British Gazette wholeheartedly concurs with Dr. North’s conclusion. Does that mean that Madam Maybe is destined to be an ex Prime Minister after her appointment with the ballot box in June 2022?


    In the past week the media has been reporting the brouhaha surrounding “who said what when” and the fears that the EU politicians will be so angered by Madam Maybe’s comments the UK’s negotiating position is compromised.

    We can be fairly confident that the EU’s politicians will come to the obvious conclusion that Madam Maybe is playing to the gallery (the UK electorate) and not them!

    The most important factor to bear in mind however when Mr Freeland states (correctly) that UKIP voters voting Tory will be doing so in the hope of the hard Brexit they want. It is this paradoxical stupidity that will define the government of this formerly sovereign UK for the next five years.

    This is because those voters that are looking forward to a hard Brexit are of the same opinion as radio presenter Ian Dale when he stated on BBC 2’s “Newsnight” last night that the country could trade with the EU on WTO rules in just the same way it presently does with other countries.

    This of course is complete and utter nonsense!

    What was striking was that neither Emily Maitlis or the other contributors picked up on this!

    Mr Dale’s ignorance will however be the yardstick by which the fate of Madam Maybe is measured. IF Mr Dale’s ignorance is endemic in the corridors of power then the UK is heading for the disatrous consequences outlined in numerous previous articles. IF however Madam Maybe and her colleagues are aware of the realities of the situation and take the necessary measures – adopting Flexcit – then Brexit will be a success.
    We will just have to wait and see!

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