• Chutzpah or what!


    Today’s image is borrowed from a New York blogger critical of President Obama. However, we on this side of the pond can equal anything they can proffer. When it comes to audacious chutzpah, we think a certain Richard Shaw of Dunstable in Bedfordshire should get the gold medal!

    This for a monumental attempt at “spinning” UKIP’s disaster at the polls….

    UKIP’s ‘collapse’

    SIR – What has been described as UKIP’s “collapse” in the local council elections is, on the contrary, evidence of its members’ patriotic unity.

    Compared with the need to show support for our Prime Minister in the face of EU threats, retaining a handful of council seats is totally unimportant.

    All these losses show is that numerous Ukip members have treated their party’s official line as no more than a formality, and have lent their votes to the Conservative candidates.

    It would not surprise me if, in the general election, many put country before party again. However, these elections are unique, and justify a unique response. Don’t start digging Ukip’s grave just yet.

    Richard Shaw
    Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
    GOTO: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2017/05/06/lettersits-time-stop-scaremongering-leaving-single-market/

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