• Last night’s theatre review on Madam Maybe’s “Will she? Won’t she?” – a VERY expensive night at the theatre!


    Above, “Trafalgar Studios” in Whitehall, near Trafalgar Square, in the City of Westminster. Formerly The Whitehall Theatre until 2004, this West End theatre is best known for staging the Whitehall farces – a series of five long-running comic stage plays, presented by the actor-manager Brian Rix, in the 1950s and 1960s.

    Later this year, your Editor will quietly mark the 32nd anniversary of his 30th birthday. In that time I can state that I have only travelled First Class on the railways once. It was on the occasion that I was accompanying a US visitor to the company which employed me at the time. The journey was from London Kings Cross to Leeds City. Since he was a visitor to our shores, I asked my boss if it would be OK to purchase two first class tickets and to have two dinners – on expenses. My boss said OK. And thus I was able to “show off” the Inter City 125 train and British Rail’s attempt at a good dinner.

    My credit card bill was quite high. But then the costs of entertaining are often higher than one expects!

    As it was with my train journey from London to Leeds in the 1970s, so it appears to be with Madam Maybe’s production; “Will she? Won’t she?”

    Readers will recall the plot: In Act One, Madam Maybe’s predecessor, Mr David Chameleon sought (like the old woman who swallowed a spider to catch the fly she had previously swallowed) to “fix” the division in the Tory party by holding an “In – Out” referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. The audience (the British Electorate) were treated to a terrifying first act with divers examples of doom, gloom and general scaremongering by the Chameleon accompanied by his invited cast which included the “Special Guest Star”, “POTUS” played by a Mr Barack Obama.

    Unfortunately for the now Unfortunate Chameleon, the British Electorate went off script (never work with animals, children or voters) and voted for Brexit!

    After the interval we were treated to Act Two:

    Act Two started by the gory scene of the Unfortunate Chameleon doing the traditional thing by falling on his sword – outside 10 Downing Street observed by his Good Lady – who most prettily shed a suitable tear!

    Then the arrival of his successor, Madam Maybe!

    Madam Maybe began with the beautiful aria, “Partire si intende lasciare!” (Brexit means Brexit!). The lady was clearly much taken with the adulation she received – with such as John Redwood and Jacob Rees-Mogg throwing themselves at her feet and kissing her fancy shoes – that she performed many many encores!

    After that the plot as they say in Northampton (England’s capital for shoes) “thickens like soles walking through mud”.

    Madam Maybe found herself in a quagmire. Of Messrs. Johnson & Farage’s making!

    It was a dreadful smelly quagmire to boot!

    Messrs. Johnson & Farage – and divers fellow travellers – had gone about the nation telling every soul they met along the highways and the byeways that the Elysium sung about in the Never to be sufficiently Damned European Union’s anthem awaited the nation upon leaving Brexit. That immigration could be stopped, the vast sums sent to the EU could be spent on the NHS and that German car makers would pressure Frau Doktor Merkel (who plays the role of “Evil Witch”) to offer the UK ALL the advantages of the Single Market with NONE of the restrictions and ALL at NO COST!

    Unfortunately for her, Madam Maybe realised that the possibility of bringing this about was somewhat less than Dear Old Comrade Corbyn’s chances of getting onto Sir Philip Green’s Christmas card list!

    Thus she has been performing her own special version of Salome’s “Dance of the Seven Veils” but before such as Mr Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail and not Herod Antipas.

    In place of the head of Saint John the Baptist, Madam Maybe thinks that of Emmanuel, Co-Prince of Andorra aka President Macron of France would do nicely as a substitute!

    But having the Co-Prince of Andorra’s head delivered on a Sterling (what else?) silver platter to the door of 10 Downing Street is not Salome’s – sorry Madam Maybe’s – real objective. So completely overwhelmed with the besotted wooings from such as Messrs. Redwood and Rees-Mogg, the lady’s head was completely turned and she imagined herself as Aphrodite personified and set off around Europe on her dance seeking to distract the audience with the allure of what might lie behind the veils!

    Whilst she was seen dancing through Brussels Madam Maybe was accosted by Jean-Claude Juncker (For it is He!) President of the European Commission who began with the aria, “Sappiamo tutti cosa fare, non sappiamo come essere rie-eletto dopo averlo fatto!” (English: We all know what to do, we do not know how to be re-elected after doing so!)

    Meanwhile back in England….. Philip (Lotus 1,2,3) Hammond is preparing to bring about the end of (or to use President’s Trump’s word, “terminate”) the illusion of a Shangri La Brexit with the reality of Flexcit.

    But only AFTER the Tory’s have vanquished Comrade Corbyn and the Foolish Farron (aka the Fool on the Cumberland Fells) on Thursday 8th June 2017!

    But then they have forgotten one rather important thing!

    The cost of the theatre tickets!

    Going to the theatre can be a very expensive pastime.

    The theatre goer is brought back down to Earth upon reading today’s post by Dr. North on his famous blog.

    Dr. North writes: “In an intelligent piece which goes to prove that not all legacy media articles are written by juvenile imbeciles, Marcus Leroux in The Times writes a disturbing account of how “almost half” of European businesses with British suppliers are looking for replacements elsewhere in the EU.”
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86476
    British Gazette comment:
    Enough tom-foolery! If Madam Maybe persists in this dangerous dancing for very much longer we risk the Credit Reference agencies getting unnerved. If that happens they will start slashing the UK’s credit rating. If that happens interest rates will begin to climb – as will the size of payments HMG will have to make servicing the UK’s not insignificant sovereign debt – as will the mortgage payments so many Britons have to make each month. The economic downturn thus brought about will cause many mortgage payers to default thus worsening the economy which will in turn lead to further credit rating reductions. A vicious cycle.
    Madam Maybe and her fellow Tories may well enjoy their moment of glory on Friday 9th June 2017 but it could very soon change!
    Thus, in Act Three, Dear Old Comrade Corbyn could play the role of the Ghost as in Hamlet!

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