• Living in interesting times: A Coalition of Chaos?


    Above, a recent You Gov poll.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. With it one can do things which without it are utterly impossible. Like regularly winning the lottery jackpot every week. For the Tories back in 1992 the best thing for them would have been to LOOSE the general election.

    When “Madame Maybe?” called the election Tory strategists were not wondering if they would win but what would be the precise size of their landslide majority. Now given some projections – and remember they are ONLY projections – we could be looking at a minority government led – and we use that word advisedly! – of Comrade Corbyn together with the Great Prat of Preston, aka Tim Farron. This government could only be sustained in office with the support of Mistress Sturgeon and her cohort of SNP MPs. Support would be given strictly on a supply and confidence basis.

    Now at this point we would strongly advise any UKIP reader with a history of blood pressure or cardiac problems to either cease reading this article or to take your prescribed medicine. If in doubt, call your GP or telephone the NHS 111 service.
    British Gazette comment: We do not know what “Madame Maybe?” intends to do vis-à-vis Brexit.
    On the other hand we most certainly DO KNOW what Mistress Sturgeon wants: To maintain the UK’s membership of the Single Market.

    Given that to have the UK LEAVE the EU without remaining IN the EEA is the most STUPID IDEA since the Pharaoh of Egypt, on seeing the Red Sea part to allow the Israelites to cross to the Promised Land, turned around on his chariot and said to his troops; “Come on Boys! Let’s follow them!” (We all know what happened next!) it must call into question the advisability of voting Tory!

    Thus it might be the case that were the Coalition of Chaos to become Her Majesty’s Government after Thursday 8th June 2017, it might be the least worst option. There being no good options available.

    Herewith more about the polling data:
    GOTO: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2017-39856354

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