• May: Savez-vous où se trouve le comptable?


    Macron: Oui madame. Restez sur la gauch et en haut de la colline. Lorsque vous atteignez le sommet, traversez la route et vous verrez leur entrée sur l’endroit.

    (Do you know where the accountant is? Yes Madam. Stay on the left and up the hill. When you reach the top, cross the road and you will see their entrance across the place.)

    Doctor Richard North’s blog post today makes sobering reading.
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    British Gazette comment:
    Since the time the EU Referendum Campaign started back in April last year – an event that now seems so long ago – we have tried but failed to be a cock-eyed optimist like Nellie in South Pacific.

    We have hoped that the mass confusion on the part of “the mass media” was a carefully orchestrated attempt to obfuscate the nature and size of the challenges caused by Brexit and that at some point the Norway Option would be endorsed and put through just in the nick of time.

    We still hope that is the case. However, if that is not the case the consequences are bad. How bad depends upon the particular set of consequences chosen. There could be a reversion. Brexit cancelled. Namely a return to the EU’s fold. Or there could be purgatory: The UK leaves the EU and the EEA and acquires third country status. Chaos is averted however by the EU maintaining the EU treaties in effect for a “transitional period” until the so-called “free trade deal” is negotiated and put into effect.
    In other words, the UK has left. But not left.
    It has left the EU and is not represented on any of it’s bodies. However, the EU (and every other member of the WTO) accept that the governing EU treaties will still apply to the UK until a “free trade deal” takes their place. The UK will NOT retake it’s place on the WTO until the “free trade deal” is ratified and implemented – a process that is likely to take a decade! This way chaos and economic disruption are prevented. This is purgatory for the UK has exchanged the status of being part of a supra national confederation to the status of a dependent territory of the same. This for a country that once was the centre of what was known as the British Empire!
    Oh! How the mighty have fallen!
    In the next world, Kaiser Wilhelm II will be rolling around in fits of laughter.

    Allow us Dear Reader to illustrate the UK’s position with two examples:

    Let us take “Fred” (not his name) a general tradesman in the North of England. “Fred” left secondary school at sixteen with no qualifications. After working in a plumbing supplies merchant stacking shelves and sweeping floors, “Fred” joined the British Army and served in the Royal Engineers for twelve years. Upon leaving the Army “Fred” set up as a self employed tradesmen. “Fred” is “good with his hands.” “Fred” fixes things which have gone wrong. Be they cars, electrical wiring, plumbing. He fixes things like DIY aborted projects. The one thing that “Fred” does not do is keep his own accounts. “Fred” has a duplicate book which he uses to issue receipts for customers payments. That and everything else, cheque books, paying in books, supplier receipts and so forth are consigned to “the box” – a large cardboard box. Every year in April “Fred” takes the box and it’s contents to the accountant he employs to do his books. The result: “Fred” is always up to date with his tax and national insurance. HMRC are always happy. The accountant always charges for his services.

    Now let us take “Edna” (not her name). “Edna” was (she is now dead) an elderly spinster. “Edna” was the youngest of two sons and four daughters. She was born to well to do middle class parents in the “Home Counties”. Five of the six children grew up, got married and established their own lives. “Edna” never married. Her father died aged 75 (of a smoking related illness) thus enjoying a mere ten years of retirement. His widow (ten years her husband’s junior) never smoked and had always objected to the presence of tobacco in the house – a Victorian conservatory was the ONLY place inside the house in which he and his two sons were allowed to smoke – survived her husband by thirty years.

    “Edna” was 62 when her mother died aged 95. Under her mother’s will, the family home and the family investments were left to “Edna’s” elder siblings and the children of those siblings in the case of their predecease. But in trust for “Edna’s” lifetime. Edna was to receive the dividend income from the family investments and allowed to live in the property rent free as a tenant for as long as she lived or was capable of managing her own affairs.

    “Edna’s” “job” was to act as her mother’s companion and home help. She had never been employed and had never lived away from home. “Edna” had always been “under the thumb” of a domineering mother.

    “Edna” fell victim to an unscrupulous tradesman (NOT “Fred”). This rouge began to fleece “Edna” by carrying out unnecessary repair work on the property. The work was of poor quality and needed to be repaired shortly afterwards. That way the rouge kept himself in work. The rouge always wanted cash. When “Edna” had difficulties the rouge began to take items of china in exchange. “Edna” “objected”. The rouge overcame these objections by informing “Edna” that as tenant she had a statutory duty to keep the landlord’s property in good order. The reverse of the case! Knowing her situation the rouge went on to say that whilst her family may take a lenient attitude the local council would not and “Edna” was beaching her statutory duty as occupier of the property to the council. “If you knowingly live in a substandard dangerous property and don’t sort it out, the council can and will take you to court. Your name will be in the newspaper. You’ll have a criminal record. Your family won’t be able to insure the property. Whilst you’re in it. You’ll have to move out love!”

    As a result “Edna” exchanged a greater part of some valuable Meissen china for shoddy and dangerous building work. When he had fleeced “Edna” for as much as he could get the rouge moved on to another victim.

    The worry and strain caused “Edna” to have a stroke. Her family only found out what happened after her death when they noticed the missing China.

    A neighbour had been concerned but did not get involved as he did not want to interfere. “Edna” had confided in him (which explains why we know what bullshit the rouge told her) and he probably did not alert the family as he did not want the tradesman to “take revenge” on him.

    What the two examples show us is two individuals who in their different ways were completely dependent upon others.

    That is why it is such a good thing that many young people will attend a university a long way from their family home and not live with “Mum & Dad” during this time. They learn to stand on their own two feet.

    What we are witnessing in the confusion and the ignorance and the antics of our infantile political class is the corrosive effects of Jean Monnet’s Grand projet européen: The UK has LOST the capacity to govern itself as an dependent state. Merely as a province of a supra national one.

    However, be under NO DOUBT Dear Reader that the UK is alone. It applies equally to all other EU member states. Especially those like France and Germany who are in the Eurozone.

    Herewith a FACT: When a nation hands over the greater part of it’s governance to another power, it ceases to possess that capability. This is why Jean Monnet concentrated on “Les petits détails” and not the “Le grand compétences d’état”

    If he were here, Jean Monet would say to you, “Le grand projet européen est irréversible!”

    In his own way, it can be said that Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet (born 9th November 1888 – aged 25 years in August 1914) who managed by some sleight of hand to avoid the almost universal French conscription – he sold wine!) can be said to be France’s worst traitor. By comparison, Adolf Hitler (born 20th April 1889 – aged 25 years in August 1914) did not “dodge the column” and fought bravely for his country. Hitler committed no war crimes during the Great War. Thus it can be said whilst Adolf Hitler came to be a genocidal monster and brought about the ruination of Germany he was not a traitor to Germany.

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