• Brexit: Predicting the direction of travel – backwards!


    On Wednesday 11th March 2015, the Daily Record had as it’s headline, “Fury at sexist Sun as they depict First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in a skimpy tartan outfit riding a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus”.
    GOTO: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/fury-sexist-sun-depict-first-5314278
    Ms Sturgeon strongly objected at the Sun’s sexism! Doubtless she will also object to the British Gazette making a repeated use of it!

    Do we care?

    Err. No! But we would point out to Ms Sturgeon that our use of the photo-shopped image – which we have further photo-shopped – is not, unlike the original, meant as a criticism of her, but rather as something of a backhanded compliment.

    This is because on the subject of Brexit, Ms Sturgeon is one of the few politicians in the UK who appears to “get it!” This is not to say we endorse or approve of Ms Sturgeon’s Europhilia. Far from it!

    Our use of the image is not only to draw our readers attention to Ms Sturgeon but also to the nature of the object that Miss Cyrus, the owner of body on which Ms Stugeon’s head has been digitally placed, is sitting on a wrecking ball. The Sun newspaper sought to use this image to suggest that Ms Sturgeon’s influence was let us say, not positive by alluding to the destructive nature of the wrecking ball. The British Gazette on the other hand wishes to direct it’s readers consideration towards the basic physics of the wrecking ball. Essentially, the wrecking ball’s potential for destruction is contained within it’s mass. Three things are essential to ensure the wrecking ball achieves it’s destructive potential. 1. Gravity. 2. Momentum. 3. Energy to support the wrecking ball and to impart kinetic energy. Those using a wrecking ball must be aware of the physics as the physics have consequences. You see, it is one thing to get the wrecking ball to impact an object you want to destroy, there must be an appreciation that once the said object has been hit, the wrecking ball will reverse it’s trajectory. Any object – animal, mineral or vegetable – in it’s path will have a problem! Of course, it is gravity that lies behind the wrecking ball’s power.

    Last Saturday was Midsummer’s Day. It was the anniversary of the great Brexit vote. Just over a year on it is looking increasingly likely that Brexit is NOT going to be achieved. It appears more and more likely that – as predicted by this organ – the UK will enter a “transitional period” which will be between two events:
    1. Leaving the EU and 2. Implementation of the so called “Free Trade Agreement” that will govern the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU.
    The British Gazette has borrowed (from the Roman Catholics) a term to describe this state of affairs: Purgatory!
    Antonio Tajani, MEP, President of the European Parliament has suggested that this transition period will be three years. The likelihood of a comprehensive free trade trade being negotiated, ratified and implemented in three years is somewhat less that the chances of a quarter inch (6.35 mm, Derek) thick plate glass window surviving intact when hit square on by the wrecking ball Miss Cyrus is sitting on!

    We have to advise him, that in seeking to be helpful by providing an answer to a journalist’s question that would not, let us say, “frighten the horses”, Signor Tajani has unfortunately to overuse another metaphor, let the European cat out of the bag!

    Oh Dear!

    You see, it is becoming increasingly obvious as to what the EU’s game plan or strategy is!

    First it is to get the UK to agree to the methodology to calculate the exit fee from the European club.
    Second is to put in place a transitional arrangement that WILL NOT result in a Crash Brexit!
    Third – and this will likely only be made apparent after Brexit, which will be the point at which the UK leaves the EU and enters the transitional arrangement – to put in place a means of returning into the EU’s fold! Clearly by way of a second referendum!

    You see, in the first referendum held a year ago there was no concrete proposal on the table. Only the wild statements by Messrs Farage and Johnson. In the second referendum there will very much be concrete proposals. There will be an option of proceeding to Brexit which will mean paying billions extra to the EU and getting a poor trade deal or returning to the EU fold which will mean either paying nothing or paying a lot less and the status quo – but worse!

    There will be two sets of losers:

    1. The politicians unfortunate enough to be in office at the time.

    2. The British People.

    Of course there could have been a better outcome: Flexcit. The one the British Gazette has consistently argued for. But that was not to be.

    There will of course be two winners:

    1. The European Union!

    2. Ms Nicola Sturgeon!

    There will be of course many British Gazette readers will understandably be distressed at this outcome. However the British Gazette can offer no comfort:

    Yesterday’s display of orchestrated medley of ignorance and incompetence in the House of Commons (GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86523) demonstrated beyond peradventure that the political establishment in the UK is now incapable of governing the UK as an independent sovereign state and that the economic and political reality will force the establishment to return into the EU’s fold.
    Game, set, match and championship to the never to be sufficiently damned Monsieur Jean Monnet!

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