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    Today, Tuesday 4th July 2017, is US Independence Day.

    British Gazette readers may therefore ask what has Fountains Abbey, Studley Royal Water Garden and the Temple of Piety got to do with this?

    The answer Dear Reader is nothing. The reason why the image above has been used on this day is that on Friday 4th July 2003 – fourteen years ago now – I took my Dad, who was partially wheelchair bound by that stage – to that most popular of National Trust sites. Because of his mobility problems, I telephoned the NT beforehand and we parked at Studley Royal end and not the Fountains Abbey end. Although I left the car in the car park, initially I parke4d right outside the entrance so we could transfer Dad from the front seat of the car to the NT provided wheelchair. I then parked the car and returned to Dad to push him around the site.

    It was a beautiful summer’s afternoon. A “Goldilocks” day: Sunny, not too hot, a little breeze, blue sky, a few small white clouds in the sky. If you’ve never been to Studley Royal, I recommend you go.

    IN today’s busy world, people have often too little time to walk and talk and pass the time doing very little. Pressure of work for so many is relentless. Sometimes however, there is a break. Sometimes that break coincides with sunny weather. Then one can take advantage of it.

    Then one takes a leaf out of Horace’s Odes and you carpe diem. Well Dad and I seized the afternoon and went to Studley Royal!

    Looking back I am so glad that we did. One week later Dad was in hospital and at 11:45PM Dad died.

    A lot has happened in fourteen years. At the time – of Dad’s death – I was busy not only with my work but also with the “Postcards to the Queen” campaign that I, Tony Bennett, Derek Norman and others were running in an attempt to force the Blair government into holding a referendum on the EU Constitution, forerunner of the Lisbon Treaty.

    When one is closely and heavily involved in a campaign or project, there is a natural tendency towards, “tunnel vision”. The British Gazette whilst having a focus on the EU and “climate change” is not however solely devoted to these issues, important as they are.

    There is one issue that is bubbling away that is not given much attention to by many, yet this issue is a very serious one. Far more serious than Brexit. It is North Korea.

    Today the BBC is among many organisations reporting yet another missile test.
    GOTO: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-40491138
    In a speech at Kettering on 3rd July 1938, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain famously said: “In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers.” Just over two months later on 27th September 1938 he said: “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing. It seems still more impossible that a quarrel which has already been settled in principle should be the subject of war.”

    The awful truth is that the military industrial complex of the USA will not allow itself to be placed into under the same threat from North Korea as it is now is from Russia, formerly the USSR.
    The Kim family dictatorship that rules the 46,540 square mile (120,540 km2) prison camp that is the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (DPRK) has a clear “game plan”. Construct a thermonuclear arsenal with a ICBM delivery capability that can strike the continental USA. This in the mind of His Excellency, Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will provide the necessary level of security for him and his regime to continue in post as the gaolers of the prison camp’s approximately 25 million plus inmates.

    This is the tragedy and the danger. Kim Jong-un is SO WRONG about this!

    This is the tragedy of WAR.

    Wars start when one side/group/government/dictator make a FATAL assumption.

    The late and unlamented Adolf Hitler did this when he thought that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain would not declare war were German troops to cross the Polish frontier in September 1939.

    Kim Jong-un HAS to understand this FACT: The USA WILL NOT allow itself to be the under threat from his nuclear missiles.
    We draw your attention Dear Reader to our article of 28th April 2017: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/04/28/and-todays-article-will-be-revelation-chapter-6-verses-3-to-4/
    At the bottom of that article there is a link to our earlier article of 15th April 2017: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/04/15/bella-horrida-bella-et-thybrim-multo-spumantem-sanguine-cerno-i-see-wars-horrid-wars-and-the-tiber-foaming-with-much-blood/
    SHOULD the USA launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike – probably with one or more LGM-30G Minuteman-III ICBMs – the fallout will be catastrophic for the North Koreans that were living in the vicinity. That fallout will of course be radioactive.

    Fallout of a different kind however will affect other nations in the world. Western Europe and in particular the nations of Germany and the UK and to a lesser degree, France will be severely affected – politically.

    By it’s very nature, a US pre-emptive strike will have to be by surprise. Not only will it take the former DPRK regime by surprise, it will take the populations of Germany and the UK by surprise.

    The British Gazette cannot overstate the seriousness of the reaction of the left wing, liberal, anti-nuclear, green snowflakes!

    It will be Greenham Common X 1,000!

    Widespread civil disturbance will be inevitable.

    Speaker Bercow will have to suspend the sitting of Parliament.

    There will likely be money market and stock market consequences.

    China’s stock market will be affected. This will affect other Asian markets – including Japan. This will have a knock on effect in the USA and Europe.

    Brexit will become a side show and be pushed to one side!

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