• “It’s becoming like the decadent Roman Empire.”


    Above, The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by Pieter Schoubroek.

    Today’s article has as it’s title something my late father said commenting on what was the “Swinging Sixties” and what was then called “the permissive society”. Today’s image is chosen as there are a number of this organ’s readers who might betoken the developments described herein as evidence of the Second Coming!

    The subject mater of today’s article is what has appeared to become known as “Sex-bots”.

    A “Sex-bot” it seems is a robot designed and manufactured for the purposes of sexual activity.

    Last night, BBC2’s “Newsnight” discussed the matter. In particular they discussed the very concerning suggestion that such devices could be made to resemble children so paedophiles could exercise their sexual fantasies safe from the threat of prosecution.

    They then spent a good fifteen minutes discussing whether or not such things should be made illegal.

    The British Gazette does not need 15 minutes to deliver an answer. We can do that within 15 seconds: Since images of children being abused are unlawful, common sense should dictate that such devices should be unlawful also! We would have thought that this was a “no brainer”!
    But then, we are dealing with today’s politicians! Oh Dear!
    Now let us turn our attention to devices that do not resemble children but adults.

    Should they be made illegal?

    To this question we have to be less clear cut and answer, Yes AND No.

    Whilst the possession per se of such a device should not be illegal, there should be regulations covering the use of such. Namely that such devices can only be used by their owners and not shared or rented out – unless the machines are subject to rigourous health, hygiene and safety regulation. This of course would mean regulating legalised brothels.

    The reason for this is not for any reason based on a particular morality or religious belief but on a public health safety basis. This is because if such devices are used by more than one individual there is an obvious risk of the spread of infectious diseases. Since we as taxpayers fund the NHS, it is in all our interests to see to it that demand for healthcare is reduced. This includes instances of sexually transmitted infections.

    Had my late father been here to listen to last night’s Newsnight, I think he would have laughed. He would have told me how farmers acquire the semen from bulls for AI purposes. A copy of the back end of a cow is constructed. In my grandfather’s day it was wood. Today it is glass fibre. The bull would be led to the construction and would generally need no encouragement to perform. Forgive me, but mention of “Sex-bots” leads instantly to me having this mental picture.

    As for humanity developing a sophisticated AI unit and then using it for such a purpose. The Almighty’s response? Probably as in John 11:35.
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