• Brexit: L’arrangement transitoire.


    Last night on BBC 2’s “Newsnight” the CBI’s Director-General, Carolyn Fairbairn (above) expounded the CBI’s position on Brexit. The CBI is urging that a transitional arrangement be put in place.

    Something of course the British Gazette has been informing it’s readers was going to happen for some time now!

    For the detail of the CBI suggestion GOTO: http://www.cbi.org.uk/cbi-prod/assets/File/pdf/cbi-briefing-on-transitional-arrangements-proposal.pdf
    Carolyn Fairbairn has been quoted as saying: “I’ve spent most of my working life in British business and believe deeply in its purpose as a creator of fulfilling jobs, quality of life and prosperity. I’m committed to using my experience to speak up passionately on behalf of British businesses of all sizes on the national and international stage.”

    Clearly then, the lady must be alarmed at the prospect of seeing the M2, M25 and M1 turned into huge lorry parks and trade coming to a standstill!

    Clinging as they are to the poison chalice that is Brexit and since Brexit cannot end well for them, the Tories are in a mess. Of their own making!

    British Gazette readers could be forgiven into assuming that all is well and rosy for Labour’s prospects IF they can keep themselves OUT of government until the débâcle has reached it’s peak (trough? – Ed.) and they can pin the blame for the chaos on the Tories.
    After all, it was Madame Mayhem who coined the phrase, “Coalition of Chaos!”
    However comrades Corbyn and McDonnell should be aware of the inherent dangers for them and the Labour Party as well.

    It appears however that they are.

    This is why Labour is calling for the “agreement” that is reached over Brexit is put to the British People in a second referendum.

    That the British People are given the opportunity to abandon Brexit in a second referendum is of VITAL importance – for Labour!


    Because, Dear Reader of the consequences outlined in our article yesterday and in previous articles. Because it is so important we will repeat it yet again!

    IF by midnight on Friday 29th March 2019, Article 50 has NOT been revoked or it’s time provisions extended – both of which WILL require the consent of ALL 27 EU member states – then the UK will leave the European Union ONE SECOND after midnight.

    It is VITAL that comrades Corbyn and McDonnell understand the consequences of this!

    To use the lazy modern phraseology of using a noun as a verb, the UK “Brexits” (in the same way athletes are said to “medal”) at that point, ONE of TWO outcomes will occur.


    1. Transport chaos will begin to occur IMMEDIATELY with UK air traffic control having to cancel departures from ALL UK airports and in the early hours of Saturday morning lorries will begin to be stacked on the M2.


    2. NOTHING! Everything will continue as before!

    Because of strenuous and persistent lobbying from such as the CBI’s Director-General, Carolyn Fairbairn, the likelihood (WE HOPE) will be that #2 occurs and not #1!

    IF as we now expect #2 happens the consequences for Labour are DIRE!

    You see, “l’arrangement transitoire” that will have been arrived at will mean that the Great Repeal Act which will have legislated in to UK law the entire acquis communautaire of the EU AND which will give the Crown (through ministers) power to legislate by statutory instrument as the acquis communautaire is ongoing and subject to new legislation, will be the UK’s half of “l’arrangement transitoire” and that the treaty of leaving which will take the form of a treaty of recognition of the Great Repeal Act causing the UK NOT to be treated as a THIRD COUNTRY for either a fixed period OR subject to the UK terminating “l’arrangement transitoire” at some future point OR when the so called “Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement” comes into effect.

    You see, IF this situation comes about and Labour is in government, then Labour will have two choices:

    1. To continue negotiating the “Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement”. This could easily take a decade. During this time the UK would be in a position that the British Gazette describes as purgatory. That is being outside the EU but at the same time inside! There is another term that can be used to describe this: INSIDE-OUT!
    That is to say the UK will be de-facto inside the EU but de jure outside the EU! How bad is that!
    This is why the British Gazette has taken to calling the Prime Minister, Madame Mayhem!

    2. Re-enter the EU!

    IF Labour chooses the latter then re-entry into the EU will mean adopting the Euro. This of course will mean that Labour will NOT be able to borrow the vast amounts of money it would like to borrow. It will mean years of austerity!

    What this means is this: If Labour wants to govern the way it’s members want, then it MUST abort Brexit BEFORE Friday 29th March 2019! OR adopt FLEXCIT!

    However, comrades Corbyn and McDonnell should understand the dangers (for them) which lie ahead.

    You see, there will be many in the CBI who will be most concerned at the prospect of comrades Corbyn and McDonnell in 10 and 11 Downing Street respectively!

    Prominent in the minds of many in the CBI will be the phrase “tax and spend” for “tax and spend” is PRECISELY what comrades Corbyn and McDonnell will wish to do!
    Some in the CBI may wish the UK “Brexits” the EU and enters L’arrangement transitoire in the hope that Labour will be forced by it’s own rhetoric to put the choice of adopting the “Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement” to a referendum. Of course, outside the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, referendums generally have at least two choices on the ballot paper!

    For the UK at that point the two choices will be:

    1. Adopt the “Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement”!

    2. Re-join the EU which will mean joining the Eurozone!

    You see, many in the CBI will be less concerned at the prospect of a Labour government IF the UK is back within the EU and within the Eurozone. This is because the Eurozone countries will be surrendering what little fiscal sovereignty they have left to the EU Commission! This will mean that national governments are in effect like the devolved government of Scotland!
    Which explains why Ms Sturgeon is so keen on continued EU membership!
    This is why the British Gazette and Doctor Richard North are so keen on FLEXCIT!

    It is because we have been campaigning for Brexit for a long time!

    Your Editor was at that UKIP conference at Central Hall Westminster when Doctor Alan Sked was it’s leader.

    You see, by adopting the delusional position they have, UKIP are playing into the hands of those who want to keep the UK a suzerain state of the EU.

    Doubtless there will be those Remainers who have begun to call UKIP the “useful kitsch idiots party”.

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